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Hot, rude, ordinary, inconvenient
Star Rating - 6/26/2020
Rude people, boring, hot, unhealthy, no culture, soulless. There's just nothing to write home about, except that at least you can shop in "exclusive" stores more than other places in the South. Traffic is as bad as they say it is. Nothing to do except go to church or go out to bars. If you're in to outdoor activities or anything healthy, you have to drive outside the city a few hours and then there are pretty places. But while the city does have parks and greenspaces, it's very limited for "outdoors activities" and the weather is awful. Cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer. Food scene is decent actually for some things. Atlanta lacks a character of its own outside of typical Southern ordinary people. It aint Gone With the Wind except in the negative sense. Just gross. Leaving.
Laura | Atlanta, GA
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Atlanta was quite alright until every body started moving here. I was born and raised in Atl and it was nothing like the present. It’s a matter of time before Atl crime reach the levels of Chicago
Leon | Fayetteville, GA | Report Abuse

I've read this comment three times and have come to the conclusion it's not a troll one. But, I cannot believe how someone can be a true resident of a major city and claim that there's no culture, especially one of the deep south. If anything there should be some traces of southern culture. And boring? In a city of nearly 7,000,000 people, and most are transplants. You can do a simple Google search of attractions, events, shows, festivals, etc in the city and there's numerous things to do besides go to church. As for weather, I don't know what type of weather one would expect in south. It's cold winters, really? Haven't you ever visited Chicago in the winter! Yes, it's hot, miserable summers in 90% of the country in May through September. It's called SUMMER. And to drive outside of the city a few hours for green spaces? In Georgia! Atlanta is a forest in itself! Rude people are subjective. What's rude to most people are people who lack manners. If small town people move to a major city that's expectant. I find small town people more rude in the basis of them not being open towards outsiders. But, when I read this review, I laughed. I'm not even a resident of Atlanta, but have visited several times. Enjoyed it, except the traffic. You sound like someone who just wasn't successful enough to live there, but that's your experience not the city itself
Jennie | | Report Abuse

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