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Compton of North Carolina
Star Rating - 5/1/2018
If you ever go here you’ll see the resemblance to Compton. I almost got mugged twice while I was there, a horible bus system, herrasment from locals (if you are white), and a police force that you never see.
Matthew | Mooresville, NC
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- 9/10/2019
This place actually does suck
So I wrote a review 3 months ago about this place and now im about to move away. Looking b...
mike | Greensboro, NC | 1 Reply

- 6/22/2019
This place kind of sucks
Lived here about a year and cant wait to get out. Too many reasons why but just a few that...
mike | Greensboro, NC | No Replies

- 2/21/2016
Michael | Rison, AR | No Replies

- 11/19/2014
Pros and Cons
I am going to give you a real view of Greensboro, NC. Many of the reviews on here claim t...
Darren | Greensboro, NC | 5 Replies

- 11/1/2014
Excellent City
If you are thinking Greensboro, NC for settlement, you must have researched very well. Th...
Gebre | Greensboro, NC | 2 Replies

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