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Nedra Moles preys on elderly for $- Beware
Star Rating - 12/14/2015
Nedra Moles, former deed registrar, makes 60k a year in a tax payer funded pension.....and still yet, took my family relative to her attorney, who didn't have an office and had herself written into the will, for 6% executor fee and 25k, 6 months before woman died at 87. Nedra mailed her ashes up North, and threw out the dog ashes, of 20 dogs....She worked for the County so knows everyone- nthe bank teller at WF closed my account without my signature!. I had to hire an attorney outside the county area....and only got 1/3 of what my notarized agreement and lease required..... Nedra Moles and the self riteous Jesus loves me attitude, while she preys on elderly women. Shame on you Nedra Moles, let this be a warning to anyone letting neighbors take them to the Dr and not assume they have to pay them money.
Lack of education and incestuous relationships have created a lot of weird people!
The laws in NC don't have any timeline for Claims made to the Probate people beware! Take the original will and keep it away from prying eyes. On the positive side, its an artistic and musical community if you like Deliverance.
lisa | Hendersonville, NC
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Nedra Moles continues to haunt elderly women in town, getting another family for 6% and invading their privacy....please beware of this woman.
lisa | Hendersonville, NC
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