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despreat people
Star Rating - 2/4/2013
talked with neighbors abt activates I shud be aware of , but got comments from land renters and neighbors that it was a safe an nice place to live . About 2 weeks of settling there I wud get random knocks at my door anywhere frm 12am till 4am , I wud go see what was going on , and look out the window ,there wud be a female at my door so I opened to see if she needed help n. well in fact they did , if u call door to door prostituting !!! How disgusted I was , and if the look of an heavily drugged up female sweeting bulits in cool weather wasn't enough , I kindly told her that kind of business is not acceptable here and my son was sleeping and to not bother us again, well she apologized , and then asked again for service for change . I offered to call ambulance cause of her tweaked out persona . anyways she left and ever so often in wud be a retina but different girls , I was even assaulted on my porch if front of my son , called police and then gentlemen that assaulted me stuck around , police came , even my son told them what happened & they clam they weren't there to see it and went on there way .this place is dangerous cause its small and lots of poor people that will do what they have to to get money . my advice if u do want to live here or close live far enough frm city .
nathan | Flat Rock, NC
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Your story is very disturbing.. I'm currently in Northern Georgia annlookingbto move to Hendersonville in May.. Of course my main concern is safety for my home, myself and my kids who will be spending the summer with Me.. I am originally from a small town in Texas and that is what interested Me in Hendersonville.. But I've googled stats about the city and they were very unexpected to say the least.. And with what you have described I really am thinking a bout reconsidering.. Any advice or updates would be greatly appreciated.. You can email me at jdadams19761@ Sincerely, Jonathan
Jonathan | Cornelia, GA
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