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Star Rating - 4/9/2018
Since my last review of Phoenix below and trying to get up the money to get my family and belongings out of town, (Arizona people on Craigslist want whatever you're selling for nothing, making it hard for me to raise money to move), I now have a new problem stalling my progress to get out of HELL! I opened up my hot water heater closet and a big eight inch long body and eight inch long tail RAT, ran down the chimney from the attic and into my house. It is one of the famous Roof Rats of Arcadia, which I live in the poor part of Arcadia. Google Arcadia Roof Rats. I was lucky not to have roof rats in the past, but my luck ran out. I set up a few rat traps to try and catch him, he ate the food and did not go near the tied on food, tripped one trap but wasn't there, and hasn't gone near a trap since. The past two months I have since set up forty traps to try and get him, but failed. I have tried trip traps, sticky traps, ultrasonic traps, electronic/electrocuting traps, hav-a-hart traps but failed to get him as of yet. I did kill seven of her babies though! It's one thing dealing with the stress of having rats running around your house, but a strange thing happened to me these past two months. My body lit up with hundreds of hive looking spots from head to toe. I have been to the ER four times for these spots and three primary care doctors for the same problem, with seven different diagnosis. I asked the doctors if it's rat related and a few of them said that it could be from bed bugs or fleas that the rats bought in. NICE! But I haven't found one flea or bed bug yet. Three of the doctors mentioned to me that they also have a roof rat problem in their HIGHLY RATED ARCADIA, PARADISE VALLEY, AND SCOTTSDALE/SHEA NORTH SCOTTSDALE AREA MILLION DOLLAR HOMES! My family member also has them in the HIGHLY RATED SUN CITY WEST RETIREMENT HOMES! They supposedly started in the Highly Rated Arcadia area but are now throughout the valley. As of yet, doctors have not yet succeeded in curing my rash but am now trying steroids to hopefully get rid of it. Hopefully, it's not something like the Black Plague or something like that, which Arizona has been known to have. I have been suffering too long with this. So, I say again - DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!! (I ALSO HAVE SCORPIONS AND BLACK WIDOWS). Update. All the above is true and everyone I've talked to this past two months have had at least one rat in their house, but as one of my neighbor's said when I told her that I have only one, she said, you have more! She was right, and she has killed seven rats herself and still going. We live in a nice, clean area of Arcadia.
Charles W. | Phoenix, AZ
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