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Arizona Princapality that rules the Air
Star Rating - 11/22/2019
I have lived here since 2002 to 2019. I do warn all that no matter what you pay to have done whether it be home house work remodeling to car work done. Its never done right. You will always either eat it the cost and have to pay again to someone else. Or fight tooth and nail to get a company whether licensed or not to correct what they did wrong.Not just a right to work state but right to screw whom ever.The home building ethics well the modo here is they'll never know it was not done correctly. Just get the house listed, black mold cover up in several homes.Oh they don't tell anyone moving here about VALLEY FEVER you get from the soil here.Then doctors all in Kahutes will not check you for that unknown reason why your not feeling so well. Valley Fever should be stated next to the sign welcome to Arizona "Beware of Valley Fever". All I have found and seen here is deceitfulness in people and businesses licensed or not licensed. Realtors when selling know theres black mold in the house. when you bring it up or point it out what you see. Their charm vanishes.They like to sell to unsuspecting ignorant people that do not know.1986 my house was passed inspection when new. And green board drywall was mandated then in bathroom bath and shower alcoves area. 2 yrs in the house was sick around 6 months later just wiped out tired. But noticed that after a few hrs away from the house I felt better.Told my husband.Showering one day. Mind you that it was tiled in shower. Barely brushed the wall and the whole wall emploded. exposing black mold, smell, and no greenboard drywall. what they had done was there is 2 types of grout. 1 is porus 1 is not. They had used the grout for floor tile that must be sealed for the grouting of tiles in bathroom. So everytime a shower was taken water and moisture was going into the walls behind. You would never know it. I knew something was making me ill in that house.Who got paid off to pass this house for inspection in Peoria,AZ. Do not think that its still not done today.They hire inferior,no integrity all breeds of people to do houses here.Its just a deceiful STATE . I lived in Las Vegas for 15 yrs. At least you know whats coming at you. Here its a princapality that rules the air here.LITERALLY.
Terry | Peoria, AZ
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Agreed, Arizona is a very bad place especially to raise a family. There is a major drug and murder problem here that most of the country seems to not here about. It's terrible.
J | Tempe, AZ | Report Abuse

Agreed, Arizona is a very bad place especially to raise a family. There is a major drug and murder problem here that most of the country seems to not hear about. It's terrible.
J | Tempe, AZ | Report Abuse
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