Review of Annapolis, Maryland

Has its charms but a bit noisy and expensive
Star Rating - 4/22/2020
Well, I really would give living in Annapolis 3.5 stars.

I moved here by myself several years ago. One of the highs of this place is that there are a lot of terrific bars and restaurants here. It's Monday evening and you came home from work and don't feel like staying in? Then head downtown for pizza or a burger. OR be part of a CrossFit box and enjoy a tough workout with other likeminded individuals. The fitness community here is pretty vibrant and active--there are are many places to get a good workout in.

And you should see the downtown area during the holidays! It is gorgeous, and not only that, so much of the town is out and about shopping during Midnight Madness. For each of the first two Thursdays in the month of December, the stores downtown are open until midnight, and lay out cookies and cocoa.

If you want peace and quiet where you live, and you happen to be a renter on a middle-class budget, that can be harder to find here. The downtown area has all these bars and live music, is pretty loud but that is not all. Avoid any apartment that is near a gas station. The noise from the too many people around here who blast their vehicle sound systems even late at night will drive you crazy. And, you will have to pay to be near where all the action is--rent prices do seem rather high for what you are getting.
Mike | Annapolis, MD
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