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Areas of historic charm surrounded by ugly sprawl.
Star Rating - 11/3/2022
Annapolis has extremely charming areas (mostly old Annapolis neighborhood's)--
Those very old area near the water have Amazing charm. You can start with downtown West Street.

.....But unfortunately, a lot of Annapolis is ugly-to-charmless strip malls - one shopping center that runs into the next next shopping center - and on and on. So Annapolis charming areas are surrounded by a choking, sprawled out, and quite ugly uncontrolled endless strip shopping mall chaotic sprawl.

This is thanks to the same kind of corrupt and uncontrolled development practices that plagued Anne Arundel County's neighbor, Prince Georges County. You can thank corrupt and now retired county leaders for much of this. They sold their souls-- and much of Annapolis-- to greedy, half-hazard and very unimaginative developers. The damage will take 150 years to correct, if it ever is corrected.

Phil | Marlboro Village, MD
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