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Star Rating - 2/9/2016
Annapolis is a charming town that nestles on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, the largest Estuary in the lower 48. It is a paradise for boaters, seafood enthusiasts, had a thriving downtown area, the Naval Academy, places to shop, eat, entertain, and just look around. Unfortunately the cost of living is high and they are now overdeveloping the surrounding area with an avalanche of strip malls, medical buildings, car washes, and a plethora of unneeded eyesores. We have thoroughly enjoyed living here for the last 10 years but now a new adventure awaits in our new home in Santa Fe, NM. Stay tuned for updates.
Marc and Joanne | ,
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- 11/3/2022
Areas of historic charm surrounded by ugly sprawl.
Annapolis has extremely charming areas (mostly old Annapolis neighborhood's)-- Those ver...
Phil | Marlboro Village, MD | No Replies

- 4/22/2020
Has its charms but a bit noisy and expensive
Well, I really would give living in Annapolis 3.5 stars. I moved here by myself several...
Mike | Annapolis, MD | No Replies

- 2/4/2019
Enjoyed Annapolis- But Chose Another City
When we were trying to decide where in the USA to relocate to, Annapolis had enough intere...
Samira | Wilmington, NC | 1 Reply

- 9/4/2016
Nap Town
Used to be "happening" in the 80's early 90's when home grown businesses were able to set ...
jen | Colonial Beach, VA | No Replies

- 2/5/2015
It's a great city
I like the employment opportunities, great if you know people like family out here, very n...
Vincent | Annapolis, MD | No Replies

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