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The Chargers left so should you
Star Rating - 4/25/2019
I have lived in San Diego my entire life and am now at 30 years old. Growing up, it was incredible... weeknight evenings spent on the beach with my family, small town vibe on the beach. I always hated LA but now SD seems to be an extension of LA.

The good: the weather, fun dining and nightlife and breweries, and scenery (although going to beach on a weekend almost isn’t even worth the crowds)
The bad: 1 hour commute to go 12 miles, crowds everywhere at all times, insane housing prices, taxes, lots of homeless,
Susie | San Diego, CA
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I was born in San Diego in 1951 and grew up there. I loved the weather and the scenic beauty. Got a great education. Bought my first home in Clairemont Mesa in 1978. In 1984 I got the crazy idea to move my family to North Carolina; it turned out we loved it there. We went from a 1/10 acre corner lot to a 1/3 acre lot, with 80-foot trees and a forest in the backyard. After that, I had to move to take various jobs in Florida, Virginia, Minnesota, and Arizona, but I was finally able to retire in Winona, Minnesota, a really nice small college town on the Mississippi River with great scenery and a four-season climate. I'm very happy here. I occasionally visit family in San Diego, but stay near the beach and drive as little as possible to avoid the traffic. I learned from experience that just trying to drive up to La Jolla or down I-805 on a weekday can get you stuck in traffic. San Diego is a great place to visit, and I hope to have my ashes placed in Fort Rosecrans someday, but for me the price of housing and gasoline far outweighs the supposed benefit of perfect weather. I love nature, and have found it's really nice to live in parts of the US where trees grow naturally without having to be watered, and the look of the landscape changes with the seasons.
Wayne | Winona, MN | Report Abuse
- 10/15/2020
San Diego is a great city if you can afford it!
I have lived in San Diego for 10 years now. Something I have noticed on this site is the m...
Monique | San Diego, CA | 1 Reply

- 10/9/2020
San Diego - Yuck
Not what you think. I moved to San Diego in 2019 and left in 2020. Housing is horrible, me...
P | Roseville, MN | 1 Reply

- 8/17/2020
Conservative paradise and nothing more
San Diego is a conservative version of San Francisco. There is very little cultural influe...
Jennie | Vancouver, WA | 1 Reply

- 1/12/2020
Before 30 - great ! After that - leave
I am a 5th generation Californian . Raised 3 kids here . My combined income about $250k. R...
Sherry | Fallbrook, CA | 5 Replies

- 1/11/2020
Give your hard earned income to the entitled
Lived here on and off since joining the Navy in 1984. Was once the hidden jewel for weathe...
Fredrick | San Diego, CA | 1 Reply

- 11/26/2019
I lived in this city for 12 years. I watched it go from a nice place to a severely economi...
Michael | San Diego, CA | 1 Reply

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