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Great to raise kids but it is time to leave (San D
Star Rating - 8/30/2015
My family and I have lived in northeast Yonkers for 18 years after leaving the grime and crime of Manhattan (my home).

I bought a cute colonial on a quiet street 11 years ago and have raised 2 of our 4 children here. Public schools are pretty bad but there is close to zero crime and noise. Sadly, the housing market flipped and I owe more than my house is worth. I am retired and have arthritis so the time is ripe to relocate. I recently visited San Diego on a short trip (six days)and enjoyed the laid-back pace and the chattiness of its residents. I recently retired and have a six figure pension/SS benefit but still have 2 kids living with me and my wife is younger and still working. My son would love to live here as would I.

Opinions on relocating (I still own an underwater home in Westchester that is going to a beast to sell)? vere weather shifts of this area are really tough on me physically.
degas | Yonkers, NY
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