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Biggest wasted opportunity in the USA
Star Rating - 8/9/2019
I moved to new york when I came to the USA from Dominican republic, and it took for my parents and me to move to FL to see how bad NYC is. I unfortunately find myself here again because in my line of work, it's a lot easier to find work in NYC and then transfer to a better place.

1. prohibitively expensive: obviously any city is gonna be more expensive than the surrounding area, but oh my god living here is expensive. housing is the biggest part of that, no doubt in big part to all the gov't regulations on rent control making it very risky to build here, which leads to my second problem:

2. oppressive, bloated ineffective government: NYC has to have the biggest, most overreaching state and local government in the country, besides maaaaaybe San Francisco. the burden of regulation is a big reason living here is so expensive, and it makes opening up a business unnecessarily difficult. basic american rights like firearm ownership are effectively nonexistent, and conveniences everyone else enjoys like making a right on a red light are also gone, in government's futile attempt to make life "safe" while forgetting that the best way to make people safe it to let them be free.

3. too many people: I know that the big city, and the big crowds of times square are something everyone wants to see about NYC, but it's not worth the headaches such insane population density causes. congestion is a daily problem, making getting to work unless you leave extremely early very difficult, and since so few have the money to have a house, nearly everyone parks on the street. finding parking can take a considerable amount of time.

4. weather: this one is kind of subjective. I personally really dislike cold weather, and everything it brings along with it. my job has me work outside every day, so you can imagine how much I dread winter. Aside from personal preferences though, snow is actually a big economic, and logistic, convenience, and safety burden for everyone. My mother hurt herself slipping on some black ice, and it's not like my mom doesn't know how to walk carefully.

If you're already super-rich, a lot of the problems listed above are something you might not have to really deal with, unlike the rest of us plebeians. and the fact that sooo many people live here makes NYC a place of huge potential opportunity; it's just held back by the out of control left-wing politics, and its geography. I will say though, the water here is amazing; it's the secret ingredient in New York Pizza
Juan | Carrollwood, FL
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It is not true that you need a lot of money to live in New York. I live in upper west side Manhattan and survive on 4 million dollars a year. It's not much but I make it work because I scrimp and am careful with my money. I make sure to not go over a thousand dollars on any night out including the meal. It's difficult, but it does go to show that if you monitor your spending you can get by.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

you forgot to mention how people often have to park several blocks away from their house. 300-400 meters
erick vallely | Miami, FL | Report Abuse

If you are from the isolated country or a mid-size to small town, the noise noise noise will take getting used to. It is a constant onslaught to the senses every single day. I love how people stride with purpose here. I love love love NY. It has a Toronto, Canada feel to it, oddly enough. There are layers and layers of different places within the Island of Manhattan, and even if you are used to walking everyday for years, as I am, you will find a LOT of walking here. And it takes a very long time to walk from West 34th to say East 21st. You will get turned around and walk the wrong way probably several times, so be sure to get specific directions. The subways are very old and very loud. They need cleaning up (subway stations), and the worst part is when you buy your MTA card (which can be used on all subways and all buses) and accidentally go out the wrong exit or can't swipe the card through, it deducts your money from the card even if you haven't had a subway ride! That needs to be rectified. People are VERY helpful here in Manhattan on directions and navigating the subways and buses. If you are creative or like a lot of variety, you will feel right at home here, but simple tasks like getting to work everyday can seem like a daily onslaught to the senses because of the noise . Also, it seems like certain types of people gravitate to this city? Or were born here? Rose's pizza is the best and biggest slice of pizza in any town! Makes your hometown pizza taste very greasy by comparison.
Nene | Brooklyn, OH | Report Abuse
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