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Star Rating - 12/25/2018
I've lived in Carson City for over 50 years! If you love nature and the outdoors you will love Carson City. The city is surround by BLM open space with open access for all sorts of outdoor adventures as well as national forest heading up to Lake Tahoe all within city limits. Carson City is a top ten wildlife sanctuary city. My neighborhood is full of deer, quail, bunnies, owls, hawks and a resident herd of wild horses drops by in the winter. Wild horses are all over the place in the hills to the East and a regular sight for residents. This city is super dog friendly with almost every one of the extensive open space trails in the area leash optional.
Speaking of trails and open space, the city has placed a premium on purchasing open space for trails, and preservation of historical interest. We mountain bike and hike every evening after work with our dogs all over and around town and there are many trails near the river and other areas of water.
The city has a great historical district, plenty of shopping available and was even one of the first cities in the area to have standard curbside recycling available at no extra cost. Carson City has placed a premium on quality of life and even limits any growth above a certain elevation to preserve the mountain views from light pollution. (The mountain views are spectacular here btw) Lake Tahoe offers world-class skiing, alpine lakes abound in the mountains for camping, kayaking and fishing and there are many golf courses in the area.
Our climate is four seasons, not usually too much snow, but when it does snow this city has superior sanding and clearing operations for the streets and the snow tends to melt quickly. It is a beautiful drive over the Sierra Mountains to vacation at the ocean beaches in California....The more I travel the more I appreciate everything Carson City has to offer!
*Regarding the crime rating on this website...I think it's family members of which there are many who have lived in this area for their entire lives, have never had any type of experience with even petty crime here. There are a few spots where petty criminal activity and drug related crimes are committed against each other of that element more than anything, including domestic and DUI type of issues in those areas that are more run down. We have excellent law enforcement in Carson City that stays on tops of these issues and are very responsive to our citizens needs for safety.
Chris | Carson, NV
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