Review of Detroit, Michigan

An interesting social study.
Star Rating - 3/12/2010
Too much to summarize in a little blurb such as this.

I will say that this is the only city in the US where chain stores have all pulled out of. No Target or Walmart, just "Lotto and Liquor".

This is the only place I have been where someone wanted to assault me for no reason.

There are unique small stores and other things you will only find here.
Noir Leather, Jack Kevorkian's legacy, Detroit hats and style. Ethnic groups you won't find in large numbers anywhere else in the US.
And photo opportunities to die for, hey you probably will die if you dare take a picture here, haha.

It does break my heart to think of what its become, but I have never personally seen it to be Good.

Detroit, with tears in my eyes, I blow you a kiss goodbye.

(Please do not come here unless you are in an armored car.)
tara | Phoenix, AZ
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