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Only come to Visit not to Live
Star Rating - 1/20/2021
When I found out you can review a city on here I got so excited! Hey guys I am currently in my 20s living here for the past 15 years. I've gotten to see this city build up into the huge ass metropolitan it is today with 5+ million people residing in it. I live far from the heart of the city but of course they still consider it to be in Phoenix, Phoenix is way too big for not having good public transportation, its an absolute disaster and they should spend more money on it. Driving on highways isn't bad until they start reworking them because so many Californians are moving here.

With so many people moving here making Phoenix the new California it's stupid. So many people act like Californian wannabes and are ruining the state little by little. We need more corporations to come here and build up our morning downtown that has NO culture. Honestly Gilbert has been booming lately with companies like Doordash and unique food places moving there it's great for them, but I'm just confused how Phoenix is a very moved to city yet it's not very "happening".

Obvious you know its pretty hot here, but did you know 143 days of strait 100+ degree weather happened in 2020. It's so f**king hot here, it's like living in pure hell. I legit stay inside as much as I can all summer because of this but it is kind of hard with air conditioning costing way to much, they rather let people die then charge a normal amount. Also the hot weather runs from the end of April to the end of October. Once it hits November/ December most snowbirds come back to their second homes here and make traffic so much worse, it's so annoying. All our highways are newer which is nice with the layout of the city, but definitely still need some more and some of the construction going on, on the 101 is so annoying.

With 2 years left of our governor, who knows what direction this state will go in. I just don't want to see it ruined by a more corrupt government and high taxes. The prices keep hiking up, it's not really worth it here and the only people who justify are probably rich and moving to Scottsdale instead and thinking it's Phoenix, but thats a whole other thing. If you're into real estate don't even try to do that **** here, the market is so saturated, everyone who graduates high school goes into it.

Investment properties are definitely doing well but I don't know how much more prices will climb before another market crash like 2008. It was pretty bad here even in happening areas the prices never rose that high like right before the crash.

The only good thing I would say is it's 5 hours to Vegas and 6 hours to LA or San Diego. Also there are a lot of cool things planned in the works not necessary in Phoenix but in Glendale, a beach resort and they are planning a Atari themed hotel etc. in the next coming years. I say Phoenix will be less crap in 20 maybe 30 years but it's just at its annoying teenage phase, remember it is a newer state.

Arizona is a good place to visit in the winter when there is cooler weather but not live at this going rate.
dana | Phoenix, AZ
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Only come to Visit not to Live
When I found out you can review a city on here I got so excited! Hey guys I am currently i...
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