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'mayberry' a friendly place?
Star Rating - 9/15/2011
I have been considering moving to Mount Airy. The thing is, when I tried to contact the newspaper classifieds about placing an ad no one replied. Ad when inquired about a job no one is just common courtesy to do so. So does this mean that MA is a 'closed' town? I thought that it prided itself on small town friendliness...........
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- 8/23/2012
It's not Mayberry that is for sure!!
I have lived in Mount Airy much of my adult life. I have never liked Mount Airy. Mount Air...
Sheila | Mount Airy, NC | No Replies

- 2/15/2012
Mayberry Not What You Think
Although the previous comment is almost 5 years old, what was mentioned is pretty true. C...
Abhd | Mount Airy, NC | No Replies

- 12/25/2008
Small City with great access
The population of Mt Airy is about 10,000 people. Main Street is charming featuring a cof...
Robin | Mount Airy, NC | No Replies

- 3/30/2007
Very boring, poor, uneventful, empty!
I have lived in Mount Airy for the past 14 years and hate it here. There is nothing here ...
Abhd | Mount Airy, NC | 2 Replies

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