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Star Rating - 10/19/2016
We have been here since 1987 and have loved it. Now, almost 30 years later, it has grown to traffic congestion, tract after tract of huge homes on tiny lots and still no real 'career' jobs. We still love the beauty of the area, the central location to everything from beach to mountains to desert, but it is not small business-friendly (Riverside County in general), and promotes chain stores, which people love here. We just love our neighborhood and our home in the very southern tip (used to be San Diego County years ago) of the city, but we are planning, if things work out, to move back to the Monterey Bay/Carmel area within the next 5 years because of the weather being cooler, the people being more 'creative/artistic/nature-loving' and the more laid-back feeling. It's a tough, tough town to make a living in; people mostly either have 1-2 hour commute or struggle in small businesses. Yes, chains like Starbucks and Target/Wal-Mart rule here. Sad but true. We have loved being is physically gorgeous, especially the South West side of the 15 Fwy, in the hills. If we aren't able to afford the housing back in Monterey Co. we will stay and be happy is beautiful, weather mostly very nice, very hot and dry in summers. I call it a 'dew drop' kind of God just dropped some dew right 'here'. Man is messing it up.
Diane | Temecula, CA
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- 12/23/2018
Best large city in the area. w/ Gridlock traffic
Temecula is really pretty nice place, it has everything you need and most of it has modern...
David | Fallbrook, CA | 2 Replies

- 6/15/2015
Ecommerce Store
Are you making an optimum sale through your online eCommerce store? It's helping to busine...
Serena | Temecula, CA | No Replies

- 5/10/2015
Housing in very expensive. No matter if you are renting for buying...
Todd | Winchester, CA | No Replies

- 12/19/2014
Temecula, CA: Still a jewel.
Temecula is one of the best run cities in Southern California. I moved here over a decade ...
David | Temecula, CA | 3 Replies

- 4/30/2014
Great place to raise a family
I've lived in Temecula since 1989 and it's the absolute best place to raise a family. Scho...
Kevin | Temecula, CA | No Replies

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