Review of Miami, Florida

liked it
Star Rating - 1/30/2017
smaller than I thought, traffic seemed thick, good food and nice weather
Todd | Portland, OR
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This is supposed to be a thorough review of the city, not what your ex GF said to you the first time she saw you naked.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse
- 9/11/2021
Filthy extension of Honduras and Guatemala
Miami is rapidly devolving into a filthy, crime ridden, unattractive extension of Central ...
Mary | Sunny Isles Beach, FL | 3 Replies

- 5/30/2021
Beautiful place, well into the late 20th Century ... clean, safe, fun, peaceful. Started ...
Na | San Antonio, TX | 1 Reply

- 9/13/2020
Miami is a Banana Republic. Avoid this $hithole.
I was born and raised in Miami and have lived here on and off for 45 years. Miami is $hith...
Marcel | Kendall, FL | 4 Replies

- 8/29/2020
Tropical Paradise with Top Urban Amenities
Great sexy, cosmopolitan, year-round warm weather waterfront city. Moved here from San ...
Roy | Miami, FL | No Replies

- 8/11/2020
Pretty much what you'd expect
CULTURE Miami is pretty much what you'd expect: party city, superficial and materialistic...
mia | Miami, FL | No Replies

- 7/13/2020
Not For Me
For the sake of this review, I'm referring to Miami, not Miami Beach (they are two complet...
Lee | Homestead, FL | No Replies

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