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Star Rating - 3/8/2007
Apparently, Pasadena has very closed minded ignorants living there too. Using "mexicans" in your CityView was pretty much unacceptable --especially a "mexican" reading your view. Not only does it make you look bad, but it makes others not want to go back there especially when I go there every summer. Perhaps your troubles and concerns should be notified to your city hall, and if your city hall doesn't do anything about it I don't see why you have to go online and cry about it. If you don't like the city, then move.

Other than that, I have no trouble with Pasadena. It's a lot different than neighborhoods in the suburbs of Chicago.
Lisa | Wheeling, IL
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- 6/26/2012
pasadena pd
For starters I'm an African American, I'm a military veteran honorably discharged , I'm a...
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- 12/30/2010
Parking in Yards
I have noticed that more and more people living in Pasadena, Texas park in their yards and...
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Infrastructure it due to the declini
I am considering a move to Pasadena now, but am concerned about the apparent lack of money...
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Intolerance in Pasadena
Let me give you a little background on Pasadena. It was once the location where the KKK, ...
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- 2/1/2008
over run with hisspanics
the pasadena police and city council are obviously part of the problem...they are overlook...
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- 10/22/2007
gone down considerably
the city has really gone down now that the biggest population is hispanic. the quality of...
Mary Ann | Spring, TX | No Replies

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