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Think twice, it may not be the place for you
Star Rating - 2/2/2019
After living in Jax for over 20 years, I am heading north for retirement. This is mostly a personal decision. However, there are local factors which led me to this decision. Summer heat - lasts from mid-May to mid-Oct. I'm talking about the 90+ temp and high humidity with no relief at night. Hurricanes - there have been two medium ones that hit over the past three years and the geography is not conducive to quick recovery. Think flooding. God help the city if a Cat 4 or 5 were to hit with any type of storm surge. Lack of small, affordable housing for seniors - if you want to downsize in a nice neighborhood for reasonable cost - forget about it. Many of the other issues voiced by other reviewers are also true, so I won't repeat them here. My other big complaint is that the local and state government have their heads in the sand when it comes to environmental issues. This state is facing a major catastrophe with respect to climate change. Tallahassee is leaving it up to the counties to deal with this and none of them have the collective resources to do so. I will predict that real estate in the long term will only go down in value. Buyers in the current sellers market will only regret their investment.
Paul | Jacksonville, FL
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There has not been a hurricane "hit" Jacksonville since 1964 The hurricanes you "survived' were not direct hits. Climate change? gotta be kidding ,get a life
tim | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse

Tim is a homeowner that is irritated that the reviewer thinks housing prices will go down in the future. Tim does not like this.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

I think you mean tropical storm, which they had one in 2008 and 2012
shirl | Birmingham, AL | Report Abuse
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