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Think twice, it may not be the place for you
Star Rating - 2/2/2019
After living in Jax for over 20 years, I am heading north for retirement. This is mostly a personal decision. However, there are local factors which led me to this decision. Summer heat - lasts from mid-May to mid-Oct. I'm talking about the 90+ temp and high humidity with no relief at night. Hurricanes - there have been two medium ones that hit over the past three years and the geography is not conducive to quick recovery. Think flooding. God help the city if a Cat 4 or 5 were to hit with any type of storm surge. Lack of small, affordable housing for seniors - if you want to downsize in a nice neighborhood for reasonable cost - forget about it. Many of the other issues voiced by other reviewers are also true, so I won't repeat them here. My other big complaint is that the local and state government have their heads in the sand when it comes to environmental issues. This state is facing a major catastrophe with respect to climate change. Tallahassee is leaving it up to the counties to deal with this and none of them have the collective resources to do so. I will predict that real estate in the long term will only go down in value. Buyers in the current sellers market will only regret their investment.
Paul | Jacksonville, FL
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You're right about housing prices FOR exactly the opposite reason you don't like JAX. People are moving here in droves. You want climate change but check the massive pollution problems in NYC, L.A., Chicago, Detroit etc... as for hurricanes JAX has a history of NOT having them due to the location, check your map. Anyway good luck wherever u are...
B | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse

There has not been a hurricane "hit" Jacksonville since 1964 The hurricanes you "survived' were not direct hits. Climate change? gotta be kidding ,get a life
tim | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse

Tim is a homeowner that is irritated that the reviewer thinks housing prices will go down in the future. Tim does not like this.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Paul, you are full of crap. I remember very well the hurricane that directly hit us back in 1968. I was living in McGehee hall on the JU campus. We were locked down in the dorms. The following morning, there were trees and branches down all over campus. And there have been hurricanes hit JAX since...Do some research.
Mark | Shady Side, MD | Report Abuse

I think you mean tropical storm, which they had one in 2008 and 2012
shirl | Birmingham, AL | Report Abuse
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