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Star Rating - 12/21/2019
NY's always been rubbish. It was rubbish 30 years ago, and it;s rubbish now. I am not a huge fan of NY or it's surrounding suburbs. It's where being mean is the norm. If someone's nice to you, you start asking yourself, why's this person being nice. Does he have an alterior motive? It;s like the worst people from all over the world all decided they would move to NY. The people of NY are what makes the area so bad. New Yorkers are a bunch of savages. I injured my foot once, and took the elevator in the subway, and a crazed New Yorker with a heavy New York accent was harasing me about not being old or in a wheel chair. Aparently to them, only permanently disabled, or seniors can take the elevator. Another crazed New Yorker kept banging on the door of the bathroom in a medical building. And when I didn't open the door for him, he became very triggered. My first impression of New Yorkers is that they are greedy, and selfish. Not all, but that's the impression they give me when compared with other states (outside of the northeast). The entire northeast gives me bad vibes. I include the tristate area because alot of the people who live there are actually former residents of NYC, so they're basically the same crowd of people. You got all these people around you but so what? No one trusts each other. You meet more people in 1 week in Alabama than you do in a year in NY. A lot of these people who like NY actually have very strange priorities. Many of them think that because they can make a lot of money in NY, they can tolerate, or accept all the bad people, but that's something I can't overlook. Making money in exchange for a bad environment is not worth it. NY drivers there are amongst the worst. You try to signal for a lane change. Instead of slowing down, they speed up so you can't get into the lane. There's alot of traffic in NY. If you try traveling on the 278 in Brooklyn, you can forget about it. There's traffic jams there even on Sunday! You;re looking at 1hr travel time for under 10 miles at any given time during the weekdays. The race relations are bad. The tristate area is very segregated. If you go into some of the malls like Queens center, you;ll notice that whites are with whites, spanish with spanish, etc. NY also seems much more racist than the south. NY is too expensive. You're looking at living at only the ghettos of Queens if you have a million dollars. That;s right. $1.3 mil in some dodgy neighborhood in Queens. Another thing I noticed about NY is that you wouldn't necesarily want to raise your kids there. There's limited space for kids to do things, and honestly, New Yorkers do not seem to trust each other. Who would want their kids to grow up in that kind of environment? I don;t know what it;s like now, but back in the 90s, kids were carrying weapons to protect themselves, even in the NY burbs. Another problem I have with NY is that many people don't speak English, which creates a bit of distance between people because they don't share a common language, or culture. It seems like there are more foreigners than anything else. I can't remember the last time I saw an American in most NY suburbs. The ones who are American are usually short term residents. A lot of people talk about NY's multiculturalism as a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. When you got people speaking their languages, it creates divisions, and barriers. You can live in many parts of NY and never know your neighbor. People keep to themselves. Worst of all, people are scared of each other. In Manhattan, you got a lot of vultures from all around the world and country, so these people are really suspicious of each other because they are scammers, and scammers are careful with who they talk to, that's why you see New Yorkers usually keep to themselves. People move to NY for several reasons. 1) you're a scammer, and you want to hustle people. 2) you're a foreigner and want to be close to your countrymen. 3) some fools see NY on tv and think it's cool, or read about it in a magazine. If you're not a scammer, or foreigner, then there's very little reason to be in NY. It's no wonder so many NYers are moving to Florida. For most people, there's just no point being there. The weather is garbage too, especially in the winter, but summers suck too. It's hot, humid, and wet. Transportation is also garbage. It takes nearly an hour just to travel a couple of miles, something that would take 10 minutes if you were in South Carolina. Honestly, the only good thing about NY is that the cops don't really hassle you for little things, but then that also becomes a problem because people just break the law constantly, and you can see that by how people are always double parked. It's also a very noisy city. People honking their horns all the time. Drunk people coming home at night, yelling on the street. Dogs barking. It;'s true what some people say about NY benefits. They are good, but is it worth it to live in NY just for the benefits? I would live just about anywhere except NY. I will even settle for 3 world countries, at least the people there are nice, and things are cheap. For all the people who talk about there being a lot to do. While that may be true, sometimes, it just doesn't work out. Take for example the Halloween parade, and Thanksgiving day parade. Looks great on paper right? Wrong. All streets are sealed off, so you are stuck in 1 place the whole time, whereas in other states, you can walk around most parades freely. In other words, you can find a better viewing position, whereas you can't in NY. If you go to the Thanksgiving day parade, you better show up early, real early, otherwise you won't get a good position. Compare this to other states, and you can show up at any time, and get a good position. You want good seats for a show, try paying $350 for decent seats at the radio city xmas spectacular. What you get in TX for $10 tacos, spageti, apple pie, apple cobbler, banana peach pie, mash potatos gravy, salad, pizza, etc. All you can eat buffet. What you get in NY for $10, a steak sandwich. Some people say that NY is only good for a vacation. I'd say it's not even good for that. For $100, you get a real nice hotel suite in Texas. For $100 in NY, you can't even get a motel 6. Whether you're a tourist, renter, or home owner, it aint going to work, it just aint. 1 bedrooms in midtown are going for over $3000. A lot of people say that NY is great for culture, and the arts, so before you even think about moving to NY, ask yourself this, do you even go to museums in your hometown, if the answer is no, then why move to NY? If you didn't go to museums back home, then you probably aint going to in NY, and if arts, and culture is NYs main attraction, then it's pointless. Parking is a problem, you're looking at parking in the ghetto for $8.50 for 2hrs. In the city, $13 for 2hrs, and that's only after 6pm. You can't even park there during business hours even if you wanted to pay $13. Can you imagine going to see your doctor, and paying $8.50 each time. That's what you got to deal with in NY.
erick vallely | Miami, FL
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Long read, I really couldn't make. Native NYer here. Sorry your stay wasn't pleasant. Please stay in Texas. Thanks.
robert | Battery Park City, NY | Report Abuse

Kimberly | Mt. Morris Park, Morningside Heights, NY | Report Abuse

Born and raised in NY. Spot on review. It;s everything I have thought over the years but you worded it better than I could. I think maybe when you're young. It's like one of those "it" cities, Los Angeles would be another example that in your 20s might make sense. Five roommates in a one-bedroom. I don't like the gentrification. Very sterile now. Much more fun in the 70s and 80s. The city had grit and edginess. Regular Joe type shot and beer joints/bars can't exist anymore. Can't pay the rent. So now flagship Abercrombie and Fitch corporate garbage moves in. This is appealing for soccer moms from Minneapolis with real estate licenses that want to raise their kids in the city but the stuff that made the city fun for me is gone now. You're right about the culture and arts. I never really knew what that meant anyway. "City has great culture". What does that even mean?. You couldn't pay me to go to a Broadway play. I don't really like the opera. I don't like spending hours leafing through old books at Soho bookstores. I can't remember the last time I was in a museum. Actually you mentioned 3000 a month for rent. I was paying $4500 per month and it wasn't that great of a one-bedroom apartment. No washer and dryer remember that. Also no central air-conditioning. Don't believe the "you don't need a car" mantra. Maybe if you never want to leave the city that's true but I always wanted to leave the city. The Northeast has some beautiful geographical spots and the train doesn't go to every one of them. So I kept a car and I used it a lot. At least once a week I would get out of the city so I needed the car but that was an additional $700 a month just for underground parking on top of the $4500 a month rent. I moved to Las Vegas. Could've been anywhere else but I chose Las Vegas and here I've got a brand-new 2020 construction home with a two car garage washer and dryer three zone AC the works, for $1400 a month. There are shows and bands and whatever else you want to see along the strip and instead of paying $150 per month for a gym membership at a gym that was the size of a walk-in closet in New York City I pay $20 per month for a gym that literally is 75,000 ft.² large with thousands of pieces of equipment. The trade-off isn't worth living in New York unless you've got your claws in real estate or you've got some big seven figure job working at the bank's but then those kinds of guys are really living in New York living in penthouses and taking helicopters to Teterboro to their private planes. That's a different story but for anyone lower middle-class/middle-class/upper-middle-class is no rationale for it. The city does offer good benefits for government jobs and there are a million government employees in New York state. That's where your tax dollars are going to. New York is broke. Houses on Long Island have a $30,000 per year property tax. That's 30,000 and that's every year. There are some spots in the suburbs where you might be able to get away with $15-$20,000 a year but you gotta be kidding me $20,000 a year for what. Except for New York City/Boston and the surrounding suburbs and outskirts, the Northeast is not that congested. My choice would be to live within a couple of hours of the city where housing costs are a third and so are the taxes. The Northeast is a beautiful part of the country.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

So true! All of your words are true. 100% true. We left the city. We now we can live.
Art | Montgomery, AL | Report Abuse

Took the (millions of) words right out of my mouth. THANK YOU FOR TELLING IT LIKE IT IS, WAS, and PROBABLY WILL BE FOR THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS!
Wendy | Midtown West , NY | Report Abuse
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