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Expensive, overpriced, high property crime.
Star Rating - 5/4/2017
Lived there several years ago. Moved. Housing way overpriced. Restaurants expensive. Worst singles scene for men I have ever experienced and I have lived in multiple cities. Singles dances have women that are so homely you'd have to make love in the dark with a bag over both heads-I kid you not.
Mayor at that time was owned by the cops, would not intervene even when innocent citizens were mistreated-like an old lady sleeping on a bench, intimidated by cop on horseback.
Community college choices are good and cheap.
But you cannot afford an apartment and you will have to live in substandard housing unless you're pulling in 50k a month.
Good ground transportation, close to San Francisco (much better and cheaper restaurants there). Cops are ok in San Jose, except the property crime rate (theft) is through the roof due to all the beaners living there and drug addicts, my guess. They will steal ANYTHING even for a few dollars.
Traffic is a nightmare at times, I used a bike and was often quicker than a car. Weather is pretty good. Lots of cultural activities when I was there, but I usually wound up going to San Francisco for real city life. San Jose is kind of a low energy town. Keep your eye on your stuff or it will disappear.
PS admin fix your web page, does not save comments if you do not enter stupid star rating.
IKNOW | Tucson, AZ
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What a thoughtless opinion. What area of the city did you live in?
Morrissey | San Jose, CA | Report Abuse
- 7/19/2019
Great place but expensive
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Long-term resident of San Jose
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- 10/8/2017
High tech haven
I have lived in San Jose' since 1983 so it would bode well to listen to my advice if you'r...
Ben | San Jose, CA | No Replies

- 9/3/2017
great city for those who live fast
l currently live in san jose. own a home here in the city. and have lived in santa clara ...
m | San Jose, CA | No Replies

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