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Star Rating - 8/7/2006
You will find your major consumer stores here such as: Walmart, Sams, Academy, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target and the like. There are plenty of subdivisions going in for people of almost any income level. Brownsville has its north side where the Mall and Movie's are, the downtown side where the college and old town is along the border. South Padre Island is about 25 minutes away. You can find minor league hockey and baseball within an hour or so drive. The population is about 95% Hispanic and spanish is a nice language to be able to speak. Its sunny 90% of the time with a steady breeze. If you like heat and mild humidity (compared to the East Coast) Brownsville may be the place for you. Its an adjustment from the hustle and bustle of the East Coast, because everything is "Manaña." (Tomorrow) Just remember that it is a days drive just to get out of Texas from here. Hope this helps.
Jeremy | Brownsville, TX
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- 2/26/2019
ignore all comments and data is very inaccurate
ignore all comments. There 1 teacher and 30 students per class or 28. I have not run into...
bv | Brownsville, TX | No Replies

- 7/29/2009
best comfort index
too hot...
carl | Brownsville, TX | No Replies

- 7/25/2008
Why Brownsville??
I'm often asked "Why Brownsville?" since I'm well traveled and have experienced South Amer...
Delphino | Richmond, VA | No Replies

- 2/10/2008
I lived in Brownsville 19 years
It was a terrible place to live. Everyone I knew did drugs-smart people, dumb people, rich...
julie | College Station, TX | 1 Reply

- 5/14/2007
I'm actively moving to Brownsville from the East C
I've traveled most of my life, and currently live on the East Coast close to Washington D...
Delphino | Richmond, VA | No Replies

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