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Get three jobs and tell your social life good bye
Star Rating - 8/22/2021
Lived in different SD suburbs for 20 years. Every positive thing about SD is true, BUT, the high cost of living makes me move away. As a single income houshold, behold if you have kids, living here is unaffordable. Here in Escondido, 30mi from down town, 1br apartments are going for $2k and 3br for $3,5k. And believe it, people pay it. Why. Because there is not much else out there. You might get a getto apartment 1br for $1,4k, but then you better carry a gun (oops, not allowed in Cali).
I love it here, and don't like to leave, but I don't have a choice. Many people have 3 jobs to get by. Social life? You won't have a social life because you will be working for your apartment.
If you are rich, San Diego is your paradise if you like warm weather.
Single average salaries are not cutting it.
E | Escondido, CA
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my how things change!
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July, Aug. and September if you want beach weather
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