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Sunshine and Sand
Star Rating - 5/22/2016
The quality of life here is very poor. It's hot, humid and sticky almost year round and suprisingly there's still a lot of housing without central air. Bugs and flying insects love it here. They crawl up your sinks, out of your cupboards, and through any cracks they can find. And forget about making a decent living - the State of Florida expects you to live on Sunshine and Sand. The beaches are beautiful but if you want to live there, you better come with a lot of money.
Laura | Marianna, FL
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What Laura says is not true. If you so dislike a place, then move. There are 50 other states to choose from with hundreds of towns/cities. Your experience is your experience. I might possibly not be someone else's and I'm that someone.
Barbara | Ferry Pass, FL | Report Abuse
- 12/24/2018
Please stay away!
Pensacola has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and downtown is a pretty ...
Robbie | Myrtle Grove, FL | 6 Replies

- 12/13/2018
Lots of history...and great beaches nearby!
Pensacola is a really nice place to live and visit. The downtown area is very nice. If y...
Paul | Myrtle Grove, FL | No Replies

- 9/15/2016
Looking for area N FL where we can improve way of
Looking to move to Northern Florida we are wanting to go to a place where we have the abil...
Helyn | Niagara Falls, NY | No Replies

- 1/28/2016
SoCal to Pensacola - better place to raise kids
Just my $0.02 as I relocated a ton growing up, and just came here from Huntington Beach 2 ...
Jason | Gulf Breeze, FL | 3 Replies

- 1/24/2016
Pensacola, things you need to know
First is lack of real jobs. You will not make a lot of money working here. While the beach...
Kat | Pensacola, FL | 3 Replies

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