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Star Rating - 10/9/2016
I am lacking sunshine and am depressed w the gloom and long length of winter. Should I move to NYC?
Sylvia | Inver Grove Heights, MN | Send Message
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No. The number one problem with New York City is you won't be able to afford ANYTHING. You will pay $2,000 a month for a shoebox. Also, winters are not that much better and even when it's sunny, you probably won't see the sun much anyway unless you live in Queens.
Tomu | Fairwood, WA | Send Message
- 6/15/2018
New York has many issues very expensive
New York has always been expensive but I think even the least expensive areas are around ...
Ronald | New York, NY | No Replies

- 2/25/2016
Hard to Find Affordable Housing
The New York City housing market is pricey and competitive. It is nearly impossible to fin...
Ruth | New York, NY | No Replies

- 12/5/2015
Manhattan is its own city now let's save the plane
You are misleading your readers by including Manhattan, New York in with New York City, in...
Kristin | Woodland Hills, CA | No Replies

- 11/16/2015
I've worked in NYC for just over 17 years. ...
dawn | Hoboken, NJ | No Replies

- 7/11/2015
NYC.. It has it all
Living in Manhattan my whole life and having traveled the wide world, i consider NYC to be...
joel | New York, NY | No Replies

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