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An honest review of Redlands
Star Rating - 3/13/2018
If you want an honest opinion of Redlands. This is the review for you. I'll address the social, crimes, negatives, and benefits of the city.

I've lived in predominantly Latino communities. I'm half Latino and White. I have no racial bias. I've lived throughout LA County my entire childhood as well, I know bad when I see it. Redlands is a great city currently going through a gentrification into a modern city. Unfortunately, population increase also means more crimes. The crimes are non-violent and primarily petty crimes from residents of neighboring cities that are not as prosperous (I'm looking at you San Bernardino).

When I first moved here, there was a lot of town people telling me the North or the South side was the evil side of town. Those saying this in 2018 seem to obviously have a tribalist mentality. We all live in the same city, it's our duty to ensure we prosper together. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Positives of North Redlands: 1) Lots of new housing developments. They are priced on the high end for the IE and it's bringing in a lot of classy people. To the North of North Redlands is East Highland, they are doing the same with their developments. 2) Off the 210 exit, commercial land is being sold and there are a lot of businesses coming into the town. Expect things to change extremely fast for modernization. 3) For every housing development built, the city requires an orange grove be built. This ensures the coming years are lush, while preserving the history of Redlands while preventing overcrowding. 4) The breweries! 5) Very quiet at night

Negatives of North Redlands: 1) The transient issue under the freeways. 2) Older homes that were purchased before the freeway. These older homes were purchased cheap, the people that own them do not have a lot of money to upkeep, and there tends to be quite a few residents in one home. 3) With some lower class of people in older homes, you will see some wannabe thugs.

Positives of South Redlands: 1) A lot of historic homes. 2) The residence here tend to be on the older side, meaning less noisy. 3) Being an older community, you will have some retired neighbors to be vigilant of your property. 4) Very lush and green. 5) The streets are scenically lit-up. 6) Everyone knows everyone. 7) Home resale value here is the backbone for the entire Redlands community.

Negatives of South Redlands: 1) A lot of the older homes are not up to current earthquake codes. 2) Many of the home feature some type of brick, this is horrible for soil movement. 3) Due to the demographic, they are a target. Petty theft happens from out of town people.

Positives for Redlands as a whole: 1) Very diverse! Thanks to the hospitals and various other job sites, you will notice White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, everyone, and they seem to get along great. 2) The POLICE! They are outstanding here. They are equally spread out. They are extremely prompt to calls. 3) The school system; Redlands teachers are some of the most dedicated people I have met. 4) Resale value.. I know after the great recession, Redlands took a hit for a few years; however, with the current modernization and preservation of the city's history, I feel the market will always bounce back. And the city has bounced back, home value is worth more than it was before the recession.

Negatives of Redlands as a whole: 1) There is a meth/synthetic drug problem here amongst the wannabe thugs and transients. Be mindful of this. They typically come out after 11pm to avoid any interaction with law enforcement and civilians. If you're on a normal sleeping schedule, you won't notice this. They typically are non-violent as they do not want to go back to prison considering most already have a history. Be very liberal with calling the police if you feel the need. 2) The North vs South tribalist mentality, it's all based in racial identity. Some feel the South is White, while the North is Minorities. It's a bogus claim, the city has a mixed demographic now. This sentiment goes back to the founding of Redlands when farm laborers primarily lived in the North, and rich farm owners lived in the South. 3) The petty theft issues from neighboring cities. San Bernardino is the main cause of this. 4) Drunk drivers at night. There isn't a lot to do in Redlands at night, people drink and drive. It seems to happen primarily on Colton Street.
Marty | Redlands, CA
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I think a lot of the disagreement with such a review is largely an emotional response triggered perhaps by disagreement with a point or two. My impression is that this is largely very accurate and a well thought out review. This review and Redlands itself has earned a 5-star rating from what I have personally witnessed and experienced.
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