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Star Rating - 1/21/2012
I have lived in Redlands for more than 20 years. It is a very segregated city with the wealthier (and politically conservative) Caucasian people on the south side and lower income culturally diverse households on the north side of town. Not surpisingly, the money, power and political clout are in the hands of the southside residents. It takes money to live here and one better have two substantial household incomes to be able to afford the high housing and tax burdens. The place is getting more crowded too as City leaders have eschewed managed growth and sprawl by endorsing several big box stores to come into town. Traffic congestion is increasingly a problem, The climate is very nice for 8 months of the year, although the dry climate and burgeoning population will strain dependence on water. Wildfires in the surrounding communities are not uncommon. If you make a lot of money, then it is a good place to live with lots to do; i.e. cycling, jogging, farmer's markets, theaters, good shopping and restaurants.
Joe | Redlands, CA
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Are you kidding me! Traffic congestion? Obviously, you have never lived anywhere else. I grew up in Redlands and go back to visit numerous times a year. I have since lived in D.C., North Carolina and Florida. There is definitely more congestion in other cities! Also, Redlands does not have a high cost of living! It is a quit, slow pace town with a lot to offer. I would move back in a second.
karen | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse
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