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Star Rating - 9/15/2019
Before disagreeing, hear me out. Seattle has its fair share of problems but is by no means is dying or suffering. Seattle is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, with large companies opening more and more offices here, startups, and construction unlike anywhere else in the United States. There's so much talent in the Seattle area, with the population just rising. I agree with the comment about east coast cities, I'm from Florida and the east coast vibe is just something else. The crime, especially in the southeast, is far more violent. Many people like to believe Florida is such a great place to live and retire. Crime is far worse than the Seattle area, views are very negative on minorities in a lot of parts of Florida (racism issues still exist), the weather is either pounding rain/thunderstorms or hot and humid weather. Seattle's rain is typically not bad at all it's just a drizzle, besides that the summers are wonderful and the fall/winters are cozy for the most part. Seattle's scenery, amenities, accessibility, and quality of life is better than any city I've been to. Seattle has significantly fewer problems than cities of comparable size, yes it's expensive, but the economy here is booming and it's such a great place to live. There is no "Seattle freeze" Seattleites are the kindest people, yes a lot of people here are reserved, but once you start talking to them they are very easy to talk to. The reservedness often comes from a mixture of different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities that not everyone feels comfortable immediately with someone. I always ask myself how are people in Seattle nicer and more hospitable than Florida where much of the economy runs on tourism. If you move to Seattle, you'll love it everything from the scenery/views to the food, cultures, amenities, and overall atmosphere! I'm not the type to post a review but sadly it feels like a lot of people in Seattle complain about anything and everything and I don't want someone's view of Seattle being perceived negatively because of that. It's a great city and like any city of its size, has its fair share problems. If you're moving to Seattle soon or just moved, Welcome!

The people disagreeing will prove my point about people here complaining a lot. We Seattlites seem to make our city seem worse than it is. Yes, there are problems that need to be addressed by the city and the state and that's why I acknowledged it in my review. Where in the United States do we not have some kind of issue though? I'm just saying Seattle is a beautiful, progressive, and accepting city. People stand up for each other, fight for just causes, bring change to laws/policies, and overall just make the community a better place. I agree with many of the causes Seattleites fight for but causes aside, we put high standards on our city. This is great, but talking bad about our city all the time because not everything goes the way we want it to makes it seem like a horrible place. Truth is that Seattle is better than most cities in the United States, the economy, development, education, pool of talent, amenities, and scenery speak for themselves. If you don't believe me check some sources online for Seattle and the surrounding cities:

There's more just look around for it!
J | Seattle, WA
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Good luck trying to find a place to live in Seattle $$$$$$$$$$ Unless you're rolling in the money. And once you do find your 200 square foot apartment for over $2,000 be careful with the fentanyl addicted bums downstairs, sleeping outside your apartment building
brooke | Seattle, WA

Tukwila had the worst crime rate in America in 2016. Seattle has racism, some if the worst I've seen. Your view is one of privilege. I wanted that life too. Live in DT. Have a tech job and enjoy life. If you don't have money you can't make it here. Get a clue!
Devonne | Tukwila, WA

3- Culture, crime, money, act its all dependent of the area and neighborhood so really its pointless even talking about.. Like the guy above ^^ I would guess his weirdly passionate description would be true of someone who lives in a nice area around Downtown Seattle (tiny area) meanwhile just a few miles southeast you can literally find farms. You will find people who work in Seattle, but live in a freaking farm, and have no idea there was a gay pride parade this past weekend.. Those people all call themselves "Seattleites". Thats why I wouldn't take anybody advice here unless they're talking facts, and science. Even my opinion is shit. Still better than this guy above though ^^ ??
john | Tukwila, WA

my points one and two got cut off from my previous comment ( see pt 3 below) Anyways. My point was that I disagree with the guy above. mostly because of his weird bias. It resembles someone who moved to the inner city with a cushy tech job, in a building with other tech people, and goes outside once in a while to join their SJW group for dinner. I get it, you're trying to be positive but this guy talks like Seattle is all of supportive super heroes. .maybe you're describing what you feel in your group meetings, I don't know, but you're painting a portrait of a small world. Out of thousands of people I know who grew up here, nobody, actually talks like that unless they grew up very privileged. the real answer? There isnt one. it all depends. 1. Id say there is definitely a Seattle freeze, but the reality is its a melting pot here. Some of the best, and worst people Ive ever met. you'll probably run into both, if you actually get out of the house. 2. The weather is shit (if you hate clouds and rain) and amazing (if you love clouds and rain). But don't make it seem like there isnt a shit ton of clouds and rain, mate.. because those are facts. and it takes a tole on you if you're not prepared. Ask a doctor, they'll likely prescribe vitamin D. Read point 3 below.
john | Tukwila, WA

The person down below, I just put the truth of what Seattle is and isn't. I don't see the need to be negative unnecessarily there are problems in Seattle like any other city and I said that in my review. I spoke from truths you can find online, about Seattle's rankings (which are based on research). The truth is Seattle is a booming and fast growing city, ranked highly for its economy, education, recreational activities, health, etc. Cities near Seattle are some of the most safest cities in America. Seattle itself is considered a safe city when compared with major cities. I put links in my review and there's so much more.
J | Seattle, WA

Tukwila is a small town and I did see that SafeWise in 2016 said that is was the most dangerous town but regardless of that there are so many pros for Washington state as a whole and the greater Seattle area that says it's one of the best states to live states as well as Seattle area cities being ranked as the best cities to live in. There's so many sites with data and research proving that. Im not saying Tukwila isn't a bad area but what about all the other cities and towns in the area and the vast amount of data backing up that it's a safe, and thriving area. About the racism, I'm a minority and I realize there's going to be a handful of racist people anywhere you go but the Seattle area is not racist by any means, it's very strong liberal as you may know. Also, I'm not sure if you're familiar with other parts of the country especially down south or much of the east cost but I've seen many of these areas and have grown up in Florida. These areas tend to be very racist in the well established wealthy areas/rural areas and tend to be very violent and crime ridden larger towns/suburbs. To the point where you aren't surprised when you hear gunshots (lived in a big city in Florida), kids getting arrested in schools/schools on lockdown (fighting/bringing weapons/threats). You don't feel safe when walking in the town at night (people get robbed/attacked). Safe areas on the east coast and the south often meant a lot of racism in those areas and areas that were dangerous and had lots of crime were filled with minorities/low income households. This isn't just me I have friends and relatives across Florida, Georgia all the way to New York and many of them think it's normal to see crime like it. It's as if it's normal day to day life. Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Samamish and the surrounding areas are very safe in comparison for the most part there's some sketchy areas here and there but nothing to the level I've seen and heard of elsewhere. Whether the area is prestige/wealthy or lower income over here you can see people of all backgrounds. For the most, everyone is treated as an equal regardless of their ethnicity/race/background.
J | Seattle, WA

Those who are disagreeing, would like to hear why?
J | Seattle, WA

How is what I'm saying not true? What makes one review true and accurate versus another? I'm acknowledging the problems in Seattle but also letting people know of Seattle's strengths. I'm going based off of my experience and knowledge but also other sites such as GeekWire, U.S. News, WalletHub, etc. that have done lots of research on cities across America. Plus if you look at the main page for Seattle on BestPlaces, the city is highly ranked in numerous categories. I'm going based off of information gathered not just observations and opinions.
J | Seattle, WA

You sound like a realtor trying to sell Seattle out! I'm going by true and accurate reviews for now on when I choose a city to live
Reese | Bloomingdale, GA
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