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Star Rating - 8/17/2018
I grew up here, moved to Portland for seven years, and then moved back. I love the outdoors - hunting, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. Roseburg is surrounded with natural beauty and is a perfect place to experience nature. My kids and I love living here. There are several nice parks, and we have a thriving church family.
People here actually talk to me. After living in the city being in a more friendly welcoming community has been great :)
Brooke | Oakland, OR
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- 9/20/2020
Racist crap town!!!!
What a dump!!!.....nothing in this town. It's dieing town. Kids on drugs because they have...
Shane | Drain, OR | No Replies

- 8/10/2020
Sad Dereliction with hate a plenty
No medical care (what's there is a joke), filthy downtown complete with drugs being shot u...
Hillary | Roseburg, OR | No Replies

- 6/27/2017
Seems to be a Senior Retirement area.
Great place for Seniors with wonderful boutique restaurants in downtown, bus transit and t...
Enzetta | Roseburg, OR | No Replies

- 11/13/2016
Roseburg, Oregon
I have lived in Roseburg, Oregon for over 16 years moving from Portland, in 2001. I did...
Nila | Roseburg, OR | 2 Replies

- 1/12/2016
One of the more scenic places in the Country.
Roseburg is a small town with great scenery and ample recreation opportunities. We're clos...
Nick Nack | Roseburg, OR | 1 Reply

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