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Star Rating 10/23/2016
The 2016 election has really made the ugliness of Sarasota come out. There are Tr*mp signs on every corner as well as Tr*mp shops. Anyway, this place is not good for young people, why? Well, because the cost of living is very high (btw, this site's cost of living is super inaccurate), traffic is awful, people drive like maniacs, restaurants are expensive and there's not much variety (a lot of places are closed of Sundays), people from up north come here and stay for 6 months and turn this place into a living hell. Young people are leaving this place for a reason, so do yourself a favor and don't take that job offer.



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Reviews for Sarasota Flor,

Sarasota, FL
Great place - but expensive
I moved here in 2009 from out west. I fell in love with...
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Malibu, CA
Sarasota best place to retire..??
I grew up in the 50’s in Sarasota. I raised my family t...
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Andrea O'Brien
Concord, MA
Sarasota The Hidden Gem
Sarasota is in the Gulf of Mexico coast, about 68 miles...
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Ogden, UT
Do Not Recommend
I have lived here since 2009. Sarasota is the most unde...
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Gulf Gate Estates, FL
Only for the elite
After just 6 months of living here, we wanted to leave....
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Thos. Paine
Fayetteville, AR
Everything but the weather stinks
I don't know about the rest of Florida, but Sarasota is...
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