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Very Ugly City
Star Rating - 4/7/2018
This perhaps the most ugly city I have lived in. Other then the walk along the harbor, Fells Point and Canton Square, it is all quite ugly and hard on the eyes. The suburbs are so depressing, but then again most of American built after the 20s is industrial, fast, generic architecture. Some of the worse of it is here. Ugh
Susan | New Orleans, LA
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Baltimore really sucks. I hate to say this but people like to comment how rude NYers are well I am from NY and I have met the rudest, unkind people right here in Baltimore. Bus drivers here are so unprofessional and rude. You ask them a question and they look at you as if you are bothering them. MTA here is a mess in every sense of the word. This city is not diversified enough and racial tension is on high alert here you can feel it in the air. Not to mention that I rarely see attractive looking people in this city - the women are a hot mess and the men look like they just got out of prison. This entire city is a mess and I can't wait to leave asap.
Kim | Towson, MD
- 8/16/2019
A Petrie dish for Johns Hopkins Med School
G E T O U T N O W...
William | Boston, MA | No Replies

- 7/27/2019
Great city for ages 18-30. Get out while you can.
For starters Baltimore is a great independent city filled with rich history, great sports ...
William | Baltimore, MD | No Replies

- 7/11/2019
Dangerous with a capital D
There is no way you want to live in the Baltimore. I was actually at the baseball game th...
davemon | Wolf Trap, VA | No Replies

- 1/4/2019
We Visited Baltimore, But Picked Another City
A port city that is accessible to the DC metro area, Baltimore has undergone something of ...
Samira | Wilmington, NC | No Replies

- 10/1/2017
It use to be nice but now its scary
I grew up in Bmore and it was nice back in the 80s a little rough in some area's but still...
heather | Conowingo, MD | No Replies

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