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Are you still stuck in the civil rights era?
Alexis | Rock Hill, SC
- 11/3/2019
Atlanta buildings and cars.
There are big buildings and cars everywhere. I drove through there on the back of a bus an...
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | 1 Reply

- 7/7/2019
Atlanta getting worse
I have lived in Atlanta for 30 years and plan to leave soon. Atlanta was good when I first...
Jewel | Duluth, GA | 3 Replies

- 4/27/2019
It calls itself a city.
Hot, humid, with some of the heaviest traffic in the United States, cultural life meager, ...
Rex | Delmar, NY | 4 Replies

- 1/6/2019
Atlanta Great Place to Live
Atlanta is an incredibly exciting and very progressive city. Having lived all over the wor...
Wayne | Portland, OR | 1 Reply

- 12/27/2018
Population growth is destroying Atlanta metro
The Atlanta metro area is being ravaged by absurdly fast population growth. I don't even b...
Andreas | Johns Creek, GA | 4 Replies

- 11/9/2018
My home for life
I've lived all over the Atlanta metro area from McDonough on the southside to Loganville o...
Richard | Lula, GA | No Replies

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