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As Bible Belt as you can get, no diversity
Star Rating - 6/4/2020
I grew up here, moved to the west coast a year ago. If you're a caucasian white person who is an evangelical Christian, ultra conservative and care more about your personal liberties than the greater good, this place suits you perfectly. It's situated in the deepest red pocket of the state- nothing wrong with that but I'd go so far to say the city is quite radical in its political leanings. Personally, I prefer well educated, accepting populations who embrace residents where and as they are- Springfield could not be farther from this. A few years ago (2011?) the city council passed a non descrimination policy for LGBTQ people. Then, a councilor (a local 'big whig' pastor) brought it up again and convinced the council to repeal it. There is an overwhelming Bible Belt infuence, to the point that people assume you're a radical Christian; there are public prayers, billboards with advertisements that have Bible verses on them, commercials for local real estate brokers that are basically 60 second sermons. So don't expect any religious diversity, and the specific brand of religion will be shoved down your throat constantly. As far as urban amenities go, there really are none- almost no diversity of restaurants, it's mostly fast food, American and southern cooking; don't even try to find a vegan restaurant, this is drive through country. I got on Uber eats one time during a visit at 9:30 pm, and it said "there's nothing open near you." Yup. There's a reason college students come here to go to MSU, get their degree and get out ASAP. I will say, the nature of the Ozarks is unparalleled in its beauty- so that is likely to be a draw for some. You can really get out into the wilderness and forget about the world. But for me, the purposeful lack of any diversity- spiritual, racial, ethnic- is a deal breaker.
Matt | Portland, OR
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Sounds like you would prefer a place like CHAZ.....since you're in Portland.
Jerry | Pflugerville, TX | Report Abuse

Maybe the problem is you!
Maggie | San Ramon, CA | Report Abuse

I live in the Los Angeles, CA area and my youngest daughter has lived in Springfield for 7 years. I have visited often. Some of the best dining (in terms of food quality and taste, not ambiance) I have ever had has been in Springfield. When I first went there I could not find any graffiti at all but later have seen some minor amounts. What is considered a "bad" part of town is nothing compared to West Coast cities which are predominantly ruled by the "Smarter-than-thou" mentality exhibited above. I am not a Christian but respect all religions for what they contribute. The "Holier-than-Thou" attitude of fundamentalists, with finger-wagging accusations that we are all sinners, obnoxious as it is, has been replaced by the more dangerous "Smarter-than-thou" secular moralists who likewise accuse and moralize on materialistic ideological grounds, fearing any deviation from their collectivist mob rule and dangerously intolerant of individual freedom. Watch the West Coast cities and states continue to destroy themselves. Of greater concern to Springfield is crime. Not sure why their published crime rate is so high. I've not seen evidence of it when I'm there and not heard of it from folks I've talked to, yet crime statistics are very high. Perplexing. There is not the choice of stuff, whatever you may be used to in a big city, but you can find almost anything you want or need, and its all so conveniently accessible. If you're looking for Chinatown or Little Italy or Chaz or Skid Row, you're not going to find it here. Not only is nature close to Springfield but so is farm fresh food. There are many things to be said for Springfield but also some detractions. Nonetheless, California, particularly the big city areas, is becoming intolerable and I am seriously considering Springfield where my daughter lives and my dollar goes further.
Steve | Sierra Madre, CA | Report Abuse
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