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I do not recommend anyone ever move here
Star Rating - 12/20/2014
Terrible schools, they are behind schools in California, Washington and probably every where else. The worst doctors I have ever encountered, I have lived in NM, WV, CA, WA and in Japan, only here have I almost died from a misdiagnosis in an ER where the nurses bring their dogs in to run around, and almost lost the use of a hand because my primary care physician refuses to refer patients to specialists. I look forward to going somewhere that has medical ethics, intelligent students and far less prejudice.

Rosemarie | Derby, KS
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Please don't move to Tennessee. You sound like a very angry person.
nate | Bethpage, TN
- 3/24/2018
Better than some places- harsh weather
After living in Seattle for 7 years I prefer Wichita. Violent crime worse in Wichita but p...
J | Wichita, KS | No Replies

- 1/22/2018
Wish I could say better but....
I really wish I could give Wichita a good review. Its been my home for 6 months now. Its...
Brenda | Wichita, KS | No Replies

- 12/21/2016
Wichita is a real S-hole.
If you're Conservative and Christian, you're going to love what Wichita has to offer! Chur...
Fred | Wichita, KS | 5 Replies

- 3/4/2015
Great healthcare in Wichita
Excellent, affordable healthcare. Appointments with primary care physician and dentist ha...
Susan | Wichita, KS | No Replies

- 1/1/2015
The weather
The sky is blue the majority of time. The wind blows constantly and the summers are very h...
Jim | Wichita, KS | No Replies

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