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Comfortable, Easy Living
Star Rating - 8/25/2008
Cost of living is low, pace of life is easy, climate is mild, people are friendly.
Susan | Abilene, TX
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- 5/3/2019
Abilene- A truly terrible place to live
There is nothing here but terribly bad weather and winds, no rivers, mountains or decent l...
jay | Abilene, TX | No Replies

- 6/9/2018
Never been there..
..and not planning to go....
Malcom | Huntington Beach, CA | No Replies

- 4/15/2018
This place is literally hell
I will never be able to stress enough why you should never move, or visit, this terrible b...
Moraleis | Abilene, TX | 2 Replies

- 10/15/2017
I love Abilene
Abilene, TX has the most genuine nice people in one spot that I have ever encountered and...
sue | Albuquerque, NM | No Replies

- 9/11/2017
I wasted two years of my life in this hellhole.
Abilene is a miserable little trash heap of a town and if you're considering moving here, ...
Chris | Owatonna, MN | No Replies

- 5/9/2015
High Crime?
I am considering different places to move in Texas (from Utah) and am doing a little resea...
Kim | Logan, UT | 1 Reply

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