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Stay away from here!
Star Rating - 4/18/2019
Ogden is a shithole. There are no jobs here. There is too much crime. Cost of living is cheap, but there are no jobs. Everyone I know who lives here works in Salt Lake. An hour away. It's too damn far away. I try to think of good things to say too though. There is some fun shopping on 25th street and I love Carl's super saver. But really there is just very little to recommend this town.
shayne | Ogden, UT
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Carl's Super Saver!? Man, you gotta get out...
Anonymous | Ogden, UT | Report Abuse

Au contraire mon frère. No Jobs = Relative. Too much crime = Relative. Repeating yourself is not helping your argument. Agreed; most commute to SLC due to housing/rental prices. Me = Utahn, 44, College Graduate, Homeowner, Father However, Frontrunner is centrally located right off of 23rd & Wall and runs regularly and on time, even on Sundays (Worst thing about living in Utah overall is that so many businesses close on Sunday). Additionally; UTA (Utah Transit Authority) has a major operating hub right off of 19th & Wall; so commuting around town via bus is available and timely and affordable. Trust me on the commute, as I take it on 3x a week and work from home the other 2x as my office is in Draper which is approximately 55 miles from my house via the way the crow flies. Yes...about an hour each way and 100 mile round trip. When I take frontrunner from Ogden to the Draper station; it's usually 90 minutes; but I get a load of work done on the train via my WiFI hotspot and or you can use the local Wifi on the train as well. The trains are good; they are refurbished units from New Jersey and are warm in the winter and very cool w/AC in the summer. Suggesting a vehicle with good gas mileage if you regularly have to commute to SLC Valley and Front Runner doesn't drop you off near your office. BONUS; is that the portion of I-15 between Layton and Riverdale, is getting a huge freeway overhaul and expansion of lanes allowing for a smoother commute. Lastly on this topic; with the pandemic; more WFH (Work from home opportunities) will and are arising; making the commute factor in living become a bit more irrelevant over time. Fact...Just 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, Ogden was named the 6th best place to raise a family by Forbes. Housing prices are surging (he Ogden real estate market saw a double digit appreciation as the home prices have risen by 14.6% over the last year. And looking forward into the coming year). I moved from SLC to OG in November 2016 to take advantage of the more affordable housing. I was able to purchase a town home at a really great price and over the last 3 years of home ownership I have experienced an approximate 45% increase home equity. That's a phenomenal rate of growth; but that's only the tip of the iceberg of why the Land of OG is a great place to live. I expect home prices to stabilize or drop due to Covid. So be ready to pounce in the next 12-24 months. I for one am staying put and have no interest in leaving Ogden as its simply a better pace of living and freedom than most places I've lived (Salt Lake City, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco, Raleigh). Bonus tip is to purchase a residence NORTH of the I-15 exit of Milepost 341 (31st Street) as this will allow you access to I-84. I-84 Southbound access is key to circumventing rush hour traffic and traffic accidents that always happen on I-15 Southbound. There have been so many instances that I'm planning my hour commute from OG to SLC and then I see the traffic backing up and I take the I-84 off ramp to navigate to SLC either via US HWY 89 back to I-15 S/Legacy HWY or if you want a scenic longer, more enjoyable, without any top and go; simply take the scenic loop route of I-84 to Parkcity then come back down Parleys Canyon into Salt Lake that way. Multiple options for you to navigate this thing called the Wasatch front. FUN Stuff!... My daughter & I frequent the Ogden River Trail quite often to ride mountain bikes or our EV's (Scooter & Onewheel). I'm a snowboarder so I love the quick access to Snowbasin (25 mins) and Powder Mountain (35 mins) from our residence near downtown Ogden. Also; I golf a lot (Maybe that's why I'm divorced); I took lessons when I was 12 at Riverside Golf Course located in Riverdale (Basically South Ogden) and I play that course often. BONUS...Right next is MOTOR VU Drive Inn. We love Drive Inns; support them as they are a dying breed and OG has one for you to make memories! Golf is also very affordable overall in's so cheap compared to other states. We go hiking all the fantastic trails and mountain bike and camp and flyfish the multiple streams, rivers, etc... If you are an outdoor enthusiast, OG is a no brainer! Diverse people; good food on Historic 25th Street and just a very chill vibe. BONUS TIP --> TONA is a must for sushi lovers! I love will you!
Wes | Ogden, UT | Report Abuse
- 4/20/2020
The Land of OG (Ogden) is Just Right!
~~Me = Utahn, 44, College Graduate, Homeowner, Father~~ Fact...Just 40 miles north of S...
Wes | Ogden, UT | No Replies

- 6/21/2019
Most Non-Judgmental Fun Place To Live
I've lived here for 25 years, traveled all across the country for work, lived in Northern ...
Anonymous | Ogden, UT | No Replies

- 6/17/2018
Ogden is not what it's cracked up to be.
As someone who has lived in several other cities I can say Ogden is likely the worst place...
Tyler | Ogden, UT | 1 Reply

- 11/27/2017
Don't listen to these whiners.
If you like fishing, hunting, beautiful country, skiing and friendly people then Utah is t...
Jeff | Ogden, UT | 2 Replies

- 3/12/2017
Ogden might be Okay if you are young and strong
Ogden is here because the Railroad came through in the late 1800's. Utah was populated by ...
Dale | Camarillo, CA | 1 Reply

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