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Star Rating - 7/15/2018
I moved to Sarasota from Miami a few months ago and absolutely love it here. Very little traffic, not as crowded, people are super! I love going to the beach, the best beach in Florida: white sand, awesomely clean. Sarasota has many activities to offer: water activities, downtown, cultural, etc. The Real Estate is still affordable, even so, prices are going up quickly. Marina Solo, Sarasota Real Estate Expert 941.960.6445
Marina | Bradenton, FL
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Sarasota could have been a wonderful place to live. When I moved there nearly two years ago, the beaches and the air quality (even with the humid sub-tropical climate) were great. For nearly all of 2018, toxic harmful algal blooms made 140 miles of coastline unsafe for swimming and resulted in wide-spread fish kills. When the winds are out of the West, the algal toxins blow inland. Many days my husband and I have sore throats from the toxins and some days we would smell the thousands of pounds of dead fish, even inland as far as Palmer Ranch just a few miles east of Siesta Key. If government and residents do not begin working together to prevent pollution entering the watersheds, the problem will not subside. The Gulf is what makes Sarasota, and unfortunately it is going under.
Adelina | Sarasota, FL

Marina sweetie, it's so nice to see you embracing the American dream and your Cuban roots but this is a site particularly and exclusively for An individual's true assessment of the community and NOT a place for someone selling their wares. Real estate expert my ass. The next thing you know we'll have Joe from Joe's used car shop in Sarasota going on about how nice it is to live in Sarasota and by the way while you're there why don't you stop by and buy a used car from my shop. That's "Joe used car shop" on 16th Street… See you there
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV
- 1/4/2019
Why We Liked, But Left, Sunny Sarasota
With white sandy beaches, a sunny climate and more cultural appeal than many other Floridi...
Samira | Wilmington, NC | 2 Replies

- 11/29/2018
Pathetic place!
In a word? Creepy! It’s really rundown, a downright scary place. I just can’t see the draw...
Jane | Sarasota, FL | 1 Reply

- 11/3/2018
Chicagoland native that moved here 1 yr ago
We moved from the Chicago suburbs to Sarasota a year ago in Aug. We settled into Gulf Gate...
Laura | Gulf Gate Estates, FL | No Replies

- 10/25/2018
What a hidden treasure!
I have lived here since 2008, and Sarasota is a gem! The beaches are beautiful. The scho...
sjones | Bee Ridge, FL | No Replies

- 7/12/2018
After two decades, hardly recognizable. Quaint downtown is now canyon lands. Streets are s...
Sandy | Sarasota, FL | No Replies

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