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Star Rating - 1/6/2020
If you like crowds, overpriced gimmicks, rampant prostitution, greed, scams on every corner, the stench of stale smoke, expensive food, expensive hotels, rude tourists, and losing all you've ever worked for....then welcome to Vegas! On an interesting note, those of us who live/work in the area avoid the strip like the plague. It's literally nothing but tourists. However, there's more to Las Vegas than the strip. North Vegas/Summerlin is a pretty nice area, but you won't avoid the slot machines. They are in every grocery store, pharmacy and every other place you could imagine. Vegas is cool to visit, but not great to live.
Lisa | Ventura, CA
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Lisa you are the type of person who can find fault with anything. Vegas has magic, style, entertainment great shows, a wonderful international community, and genuinely friendly people. It has its faults but compared to Cali its great place. It is up to you to find what you find. You just classified a whole city. Your not a Vegas person. I will take the magic, the entertainment, the style, and the uniquesness of Vegas over LA anytime.
Jonathan | Newport, RI | Report Abuse

You're reviewing The Strip, not the other 99 per cent. None of your descriptions apply to the Suburbs/ off the Strip. "Losing all you've ever worked for"?, is the guy who gambles. You can gamble in all 50 states these days. If a person got a problem it's not the towns fault, but the addicts. Food is cheap. Stay out of the Bellagio restaurants that's all. Try Chinatown. Great food, inexpensive. Stale smoke? Stay out of the casinos, it's easy, I've been her 8 years and have been in one twice. BTW I'm glad the nightlife and diversions are here otherwise it would be Tucson or Phoenix. The buzz of the strip is great to dip your toe into once and a while and than get out. I'm glad it's here for the 2 times per year I want a little adrenaline jolt. If you want a boring town you've got 10,000 other cities to choose from. Have at it.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

*EDIT* to the person who responded to this comment: I have lived in and around Vegas/Henderson since 1995. I know EXACTLY what I am talking about. I am not just reviewing the strip; I am ACCURATELY reviewing the area that I have lived in off and on for more than TWENTY YEARS. BTW, I've also lived in Phoenix. It's a beautiful city full of amazing people.
Lisa | Henderson, NV | Report Abuse

If you are rich n not an alcoholic or do not have a gambling addiction along with not having to work n live around the large amount of riff raff then Vegas is a Yes. If you aren't in these categories I say find a better, less expensive place to live with less booze n no gambling.
Todd | Mentor, OH | Report Abuse

Vegas is a large adult amusement park. Fun to visit and glad I left. It gets obnoxious. Get away before you lose all your money. No. Bargains exist, place is very, very expensive. Town is designed to take your money fast and ruin your health.
Todd | Mentor, OH | Report Abuse
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