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36 years here
Star Rating - 8/1/2015
I'm tired of everyone thinking chicago is all illinois is.... Even the politicians think only of Chicago... We have not had a state budget set yet amd people in small towns are loosing their jobs or forced to keep their job and not receiving a paycheck because there is no budget but by god let's vote to give the poor poloticians a raise. Let's not take care of our handicapped or elderly or those who slave away 40 or more hours a week and can't pay their bills still because hey we need to raise the taxes so we (leaders) need a raise or a personal jet.... So tired of this same ole crap every year... My family and i are out... Off to a state that cares and is not full of greedy and corrupt politicians! I am not giving Illinois another cent.....
malinda | Noble, IL
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- 7/14/2019
Land of the tax now?
Born and raised in southern IL. 5 years ago this was a great state to live in, but we just...
Adam | Aviston, IL | 1 Reply

- 8/21/2015
Peotone Ill
I have been in the town of peotone for 13 years and now selling! I have never seen a more ...
john | Peotone, IL | No Replies

- 7/16/2015
cost of living
Illinois have one of the highest taxes in the Country...
MARIA | Bolingbrook, IL | No Replies

- 7/14/2015
From Lake Michigan to The Miississippi, you'll fin
Illinois is under rated when it comes to recreation. Lake Michigan is an obvious source of...
Tracey | Saint Charles, IL | No Replies

- 2/26/2015
brutally cold
Chicago's winters are brutally cold, but the summers are worth the wait. Always something...
Ron | Chicago, IL | No Replies

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