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It is not the paradise you think it is.
Star Rating - 6/16/2020
I have lived here for 20 years and due to family issues not able to move. The pros - very little weather - if you like that. Except in August when you may get hit by a microburst - we did three years in a row and the last one was a $21,000 claim followed by a huge insurance premium hike. November - March is very pretty though. If you enjoy a range of weather you will not get that here. The summers are basically hell. If you are from the midwest you know how crabby people are in by the end of winter. It is the same here. By August / September people are done with the heat and crabby. You won't see many of your neighbors out chatting with one another. You will see your neighbors pull straight into their garage and shut the door before they get out so they do not risk interaction. The property taxes are actually pretty low. But you will pay for that. The education system is TERRIBLE. Arizona has the 3 WORST school system in the country and it shows. I am constantly surprised at the stupidity I see here. I would never recommend moving here with children if you are wanting them to have a good public education. The cost of living is relatively high. Homes and utilities are above average. If you are unfortunate to have APS for your electric company plan to be gouged every month by them. And a price hike every few months. Also, expect your vehicle to cost you more. We are #10 for highest car expenses and 10th least peaceful state in terms of crimes. There is beauty in the mountains - however, the many condos being built are diminishing those views more and more. But you can still drive a short distance and enjoy the beauty. I know this is a negative post, but it is important to hear the bad as well as the good. The biggest and best positive I have is had I not moved here I would never have met my husband and I have met some wonderful friends here. If you are thinking of moving here do a lot of research in areas that are important to you.
Jessica | Phoenix, AZ
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I am an Arizona native (40+ years) and I actually laughed out loud when I read this post... because it is 100% accurate.
Amberlee | Glendale, AZ | Report Abuse

So true. So true!
Duke | Houston, TX | Report Abuse
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