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Stick with Los Angeles
Star Rating - 8/8/2021
I grew up in San Diego & moved back here in 2004 after an 11-year absence. I had a successful career as an engineer here. The weather certainly beats that of Seattle, but I tend to believe there was a high price for it. I don't mean real estate. Culturally, San Diego is a provincial place full of small-minded people. You'll be lucky to find conversation on any but the most trivial topics. Nor do we compensate for that with much friendliness.

If you enjoy southern California, you are better off with Los Angeles, where, at least, people are trying to do something big with their lives (actresses, directors, screenwriters). The night life in L.A. is also livelier & more permissive. Or stick with some welcoming place like Texas, where you can talk to a stranger in a grocery store without getting a frown back.
Mage | San Diego, CA
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- 12/27/2021
Visited San Diego a few times and loved everything about it. Everything I hate about L...
James | Salt Lake City, UT | No Replies

- 9/30/2021
my how things change!
I originally lived in SD from April 2014 to November 2016, moved from Denver. For what I p...
Mark | San Diego, CA | No Replies

- 8/22/2021
Get three jobs and tell your social life good bye
Lived in different SD suburbs for 20 years. Every positive thing about SD is true, BUT, th...
E | Escondido, CA | No Replies

- 8/6/2021
Tl;dr: San Diegans don’t seem to know how to smile
I lived in San Diego in 2016. I left ASAP, and haven’t looked back (by choice, anyway). My...
John | Euless, TX | 2 Replies

- 7/19/2021
July, Aug. and September if you want beach weather
I have lived here on and off for many years. I have enjoyed living in other cities much b...
Lani | San Diego, CA | 2 Replies

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