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Star Rating - 1/17/2007
The average July temperature is not 77 degrees, but 100. If the summers were really that cool, the place would be a bustling resort. It's pretty there, however, with a green desert and wonderful views of the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto mountains. The smog rolls in once in a while from LA, then blows out again. Most of the time the air is good and the skies very blue. Yucca is a quiet, laid-back desert community where you can get away from the "real" world and relax...that is, when the ground isn't rocking with earthquakes.
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I've been in the Yucca Valley area for over 10 years and there is never ever any "smog" to speak of. Not from LA, not from anywhere. LA is about 120 miles away. Also, this July(2009)might not average 100 degrees, considering that it is late june and the mid-day temperature is 82 degrees. Also, earlier this month the temperature dropped down to 54 degrees. So much for "global warming".
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