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Star Rating - 5/14/2020
We moved here from Colorado back in 2013 and want to move out ASAP. This is definitely not the place to live and raise a family. I have five facts that must be considered before moving to the Chicago area. 1. You must accept that if you plan on buying a house (i.e. avg $250000 - $300000) you will pay approx $7000 - $10000 in property taxes minimum (I say minimum because there are homeowners here (that have a house around that value) who pay more). 2. You must accept you will pay the highest sales taxes in the nation (i.e. sales tax is up to 11% in most areas). 3. Our not so wonderful governor just passed the highest gasoline tax in the nation and how it is .38c per gallon (i.e. it is a progressive tax so each year it will raise). 4. Our not so wonderful governor just passed the highest auto registration fees in the nation (i.e. $151 per passenger vehicle). 5. Chicago politics run the state.

Chicago is great if you do not mind the five facts I explained. Granted, there are things to do downtown but if you live near any city, you can find stuff to do. That is a given no matter which city you live in/near. I did not even get into the other dirty political facts about this state. You will have to do your own research and decide if this is the place you want to settle down in. Think and choose wisely.
Robert | Orland Park, IL
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Good point and these overall views will ultimately display through property values, which I predict will tank and go down. High taxes fund corruption, end of story. A lot of people here are stuck in their own bubble to think about their future. If you have a 2-3 bedroom apartment and 25,000 per year property taxes, how can one practically retire here yet be forced to move. There is practically no exemption for owner occupied. If we are paying that much in taxes, don't you think the city could pick up trash twice a week to help limit the rat problem? I see rats on average of 5+ per day, its sickening. Everytime it rains the street floods, and with street parking the streets NEVER get cleaned. There needs to be code standards on new builds, there is not enough room for parking and new builds should follow stricter codes on building to prevent this being the norm. There is a dine in tax and 11% tax is not fun, anyway I just tip less now so it evens out, but that is ridiclous to come to that point. With Covid, I spend very little money in the city, so that is not much of a problem anymore. I did my research prior to moving here and had a somewhat higher expectation that my tax dollars would provide better services, rather it seems to be the opposite. Its a beautiful city, the lakefront is beautiful, but its demise will come from its own people bringing in liberal democrats who do nothing but raise taxes and drive out the money. You'll see...
Matthew | Chicago, IL | Report Abuse

So Chicago is one of the top major cities in the US. Cities are expensive. Especially northern cities. Did you not do any research before moving? Like at all? While yes, the sales tax is 2.15% higher than NYC and Long Island (the suburb outside NYC where the Hamptons are located), the average price of a house in Chicago is in the low 200K and the average price of a house on LI is 500K. I've only ever seen a few houses around 200K here and they were destroyed zombie homes in the hood with all the windows and copper piping missing. The average listing price in NYC is between 575-750K. And on LI my parents pay 15K a year for a 4000 sq ft house on less than an acre and it's not even by the water. My friends mom owns a 1.2 million dollar house by the water on an acre and I think their property is close to 30K a year. If you don't want to live somewhere expensive go to Memphis or Virginia Beach. Dont go to NYC, Chicago or Boston.
Chloe | East Patchogue, NY | Report Abuse

Orland Park is to Chicago what Milwaukee is to Chicago. The 5 facts you mentioned were facts before you made your move. Chicago has always had high taxes, expensive real estate and corrupt politics. It's a first rate city with all the problems of any great city it's size. Clearly, it wasn't the right move for you in the first place, and sounds like you yourself didn't do adequate enough research before you moved.
eliina | Florence, WI | Report Abuse

I hate Chicago & IL too but you’re review isn’t accurate. First off as mentioned below Orland Park is not Chicago it’s a far southwest suburb of strip malls & tract housing, some say upscale but really how upscale can a bunch of look alike houses built on cornfields be. You moved from CO which has higher vehicle registration fees than IL. Actually IL has relatively cheap vehicle registration. The gas tax needed to be raised progressively a long time ago, the last increase was 1992. The gas tax in IL is similar to other states that aren’t oil producing states. I don’t want to defend IL or the people that live there. It’s a state that is corrupt to its core & by design. Both political parties have created this system & neither has made an effort to reform it. I live by many ex-chicago people & they all complain about how horrible it was yet none ever did anything about it. The motto for IL should be “Get mine then leave”.
Eric | Aurora, CO | Report Abuse

Orland Park is a good hour away from Chicago. You knew the taxes before you moved. You lived in Orland Park and complain about gasoline tax?When you can fill up in Joliet or some small suburb town that is CLOSER than Chicago, and you have I-80, right there.. $151 registration fee for cars....Boohoo it's likes $35 higher than the middle of nowhere. Chicago carries the State, so yeah there would be influence. We have the busiest Airport in the Country. We have the 3rd largest population. Drive 45 miles south and talk to the farmers, I know plenty, they aren't regulated to death because of Chicago politics.
Jose | Chicago, IL | Report Abuse

Considering one does not need to have a car to live in Chicago, your argument is a moot point. Your personal decision to own a vehicle and live an hour from the city has nothing to do with the city.
Jesse | Chicago, IL | Report Abuse
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