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Friends School of Baltimore :-)
Star Rating - 12/9/2016
et al,

Despite the other comments you may read I hope you take note of a different experience. My son is currently attending Friends School of Baltimore. This is his first year participating in a privately ran school. I can honestly say that this school has changed my son's educational experience for the better. The teachers and faculty have been child's champion as they are with all the children equally. They are kind, understanding, informative and flexible. They have made my son enjoy school again and trusted adults in his life.

Thank you, Friend's Teachers and Faculty for a great experience.
Christian-Marie | Towson, MD
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- 6/17/2021
Baltimore have a bright Future
Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn , Detroit and the list goes on were all very bad 20 years ago . If...
zak | Baltimore, MD | 1 Reply

- 4/29/2021
Third Best Place in PA
Came to Balt a less, ended up balting a more. In all seriousness, its an okay place....
Bob | Annville, PA | No Replies

- 5/4/2020
Not a good place to live.
I've lived in Baltimore, MD all of my life. I remember when Jobs were plentiful, food was...
Kathern | Baltimore, MD | No Replies

- 1/4/2020
It is AMAZING if you know ehere to live in the cit
Ive lived in Baltimore for some time now and it is very nice....
John | Baltimore, MD | 2 Replies

- 8/16/2019
A Petrie dish for Johns Hopkins Med School
G E T O U T N O W...
William | Boston, MA | 2 Replies

- 7/27/2019
Great city for ages 18-30. Get out while you can.
For starters Baltimore is a great independent city filled with rich history, great sports ...
William | Baltimore, MD | 1 Reply

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