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San Diego IMHO
Star Rating - 8/6/2008
I am here because of my husband's job. I would never live here if he wasn't in the military. As someone said, San Diego is like a theme park. Big, expensive, and fun. But, at some point you want to go home. I do enjoy the beaches, but they are nothing compared to the east coast beaches- I am just not into the big city, the traffic, Cali elitist attitude, the "we are the best" you get from some people.
Kate | Greensburg, PA
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- 9/30/2021
my how things change!
I originally lived in SD from April 2014 to November 2016, moved from Denver. For what I p...
Mark | San Diego, CA | No Replies

- 8/22/2021
Get three jobs and tell your social life good bye
Lived in different SD suburbs for 20 years. Every positive thing about SD is true, BUT, th...
E | Escondido, CA | No Replies

- 8/8/2021
Stick with Los Angeles
I grew up in San Diego & moved back here in 2004 after an 11-year absence. I had a succes...
Mage | San Diego, CA | No Replies

- 8/6/2021
Tl;dr: San Diegans don’t seem to know how to smile
I lived in San Diego in 2016. I left ASAP, and haven’t looked back (by choice, anyway). My...
John | Euless, TX | 1 Reply

- 7/19/2021
July, Aug. and September if you want beach weather
I have lived here on and off for many years. I have enjoyed living in other cities much b...
Lani | San Diego, CA | 2 Replies

- 6/17/2021
San Diego, the America's Finest City
San Diego, CA (the SoCal area) is undoubtedly the "America's Finest City." I've lived in ...
Oz | Springfield, VA | 3 Replies

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