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Gainesville is not such a great place to live.
Star Rating - 3/1/2015
I moved here thinking it would be a great and enlivening place to be with the University and all, but it really isn't. There are the "University People" and the rest of us, who are pretty much ignored. There is no place for anyone but students to live cheaply. GRU has the highest utility rates in the state. If you want to live somewhere with adults, you have to go to the NW side of town, which is full of snotty yuppies and crunchy granola mommies. I wanted to get involved in things here, but without a car, it's hard to get to the places where meetings are held, and people are not friendly enough to offer you a ride. The bus system isn't as great as they claim, and some parts of town have little bus service at all. I ended up not getting involved in anything I wanted to because of this reason. It is a very cliquish city, and very racist and very much against the homeless. I'm trying to save to move elsewhere, but with the high rents and utilities, it's very hard for a "working poor" type like me to do that. I wish I had never come here and I can't wait to leave.
Amie | Gainesville, FL
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I'm sorry to hear that you've been unhappy in Gainesville, Amie. You only published this review in 2015, but there are a lot of different sections in town that you should check out if you are still in town. The Duckpond area has a lot of very affordable apartments and housing for rent, and it's on the bus routes (and you can walk to downtown restaurants). You didn't mention what you do for a living, but the startup culture in downtown Gainesville and Innovation Square might really suit you! Give it a try! There are lots of great meet ups and great people. Good luck!
GainesvilleFL | Gainesville, FL

If you change the way you look at things...the things you look at will change.
Joyce | Ashburn, VA

I am sorry for your circumstances. But let's face it, bad mouthing Gainesville or anywhere because you are the working poor is only YOUR experience because of your financial situation. Being a working poor citiizen is not a good situation to be in NO MATTER where you live. Same on the US for not replacing manufacturing jobs, and not increasing the hourly wages. It takes a certain amount of money to be comfortable, secure and safe. Life always looks different when you have money. Seems you dont even have a car? Of COURSE you cant enjoy Florida. You MUST have a car. Bus system in Florida! Ha! Of COURSE there isnt public transport. Everyone knows that. Each area of the US has its own special strong and weak points. You must assess what works for you based on your personal economic situation. Sounds like you would do better in NYC. I live in Manhattan and go to Florida often. I love both places. I wish you all good things in getting settled into a situation that will support you.
Laurie | New York, NY
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