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Star Rating - 1/28/2011
I understand why many people commenting here at Best Places hate Las Vegas. The schools are appalling in Vegas; the place is sleazy with prostitution and confidence games, vice, low-life, and gangs. Crime is high, with drive-by murders and racial tension (all races). There's a great deal of noise and light pollution. The city is rife with sociopaths. If you're someone who loves nature and quiet living, and is not worldly in any way, look elsewhere to live.

On the up-side, housing is now very affordable. In fact, investors are now rushing in to grab up homes as fast as they can because the real estate market is finally appreciating, and investing in property now will yield a great return in four to five years. Jobs are also picking-up. Casinos in Vegas are hiring again, and tourism has improved. By 2012 Vegas will be on its way to becoming a boom town again. Of course, this means more people and more cars, which translates into more smog. Right now the air pollution problem has not been that bad, and crime has dropped by two points.

If you are retiring and want to live in a sunny climate conducive to golfing, swimming, and other outdoor activities (wear a hat), this is a fine place in which to live, as long as you live in the "right" neighborhoods. Therein lies the rub, as there are more bad neighborhoods than good. Do your homework.

Cost of living in Vegas is very reasonable.
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I have live in Las Vegas for almost 2 years now. I Agree and disagree with some of the reviews here. Here are my pro's and cons. Pros: Construction completed fast here. Finished in days instead of weeks. Affordable housing! We bought our home for cash so we are set. The market has hit bottom here so now is the time to buy. Jobs are starting to pickup again. Great city for Younger couples without kids! Great city for singles. You cant ask for better nightlife. Great safe pet friendly parks. Some of the biggest I've seen Beautiful areas for outdoor activities just outside the valley. Diverse food culture. As a foodie I love all the options here. Colorful people. Everyone is from somewhere else. Makes for great stories. Cons: At the beginning it was hard to find any work. Job market is a little better now. Not a child friendly city. Wouldn't have kids here. Man is it HOT! ALOT of Illegal immigrants. We need to get them citizenship so they can pay taxes. Quality of neighborhoods are very erratic. Million dollar homes across from slums. Kinda funny when you see it. Limited jobs means its hard to get health/dental insurance of any kind. Not sure if that's just here though. In the end its all about what you want out of where you live. I'm here to enjoy the sites and sounds with my wife. Trust me though, when we want kids we will move. As for the people, I think Las Vegas has about as many "crazies" as any other large buzzing city. Ive live in Los Angeles, NY, and Seattle. Its the same everywhere you go. Just walk past them and enjoy everything else about this city.
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