Review of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Not a bad place to live
Star Rating - 9/17/2020
Lived there 7 yrs. Left 3 yrs ago.
I sure miss the weather which is
real nice. Cost of living not bad,
unless you consider what you
get for what you pay. If you’re
not a G.I. or Government worker
you can forget about quality
priced healthcare. Literally you
will pay a ton! Food options are
good and fair priced.If you’re not
from there, you’ll learn the hard
or easy way that you conform
to their way of life, not the other
way around. It never stopped being
Spain and that’s ok. Learn Spanish
for free there anytime. Seriously
they have a school on 4 th street.
If you like to run and bike it’s your
best place as there are trails everywhere. People generally are
inclusive and kind and hard working.
Now for the cons and yes there are
plenty. Crime is bad no matter what
anyone says.There is a huge theft
problem there that you have to see
to believe. Tons of drugs, I mean
beyond comprehension bad.
Careful where you walk cause
needles are all over certain parks
and other parts of town.
Generally speaking the political
scene in New Mexico isn’t the best
and some like to keep the desperate
on the hook. It’s usually those
folks on the blue side. Although
they have their upside also.
As a rule people live and let live
there, but there are quite a few
troublemakers. Normally it’s
losers who have problems with
other losers in town. Unlike places
like St Louis where you will be shot
in North City for your car, ABQ
is kinda different, normally you
gotta get in their way or piss
somebody off. All police do a good
job in New Mexico. God bless all
of them. When I lived there they
we’re REAL intense and didn’t
apologize either. Yeah. I recommend
Monica’s El Portal in Old town.
My personal favorite! Don’t ever
drive unsafe or fast in a school
zone there for obvious reasons,
but they will mess you up fast!
Good job on there part. If you
are one to gossip, I warn you
now to mind your own business
and never gossip there. New
Mexicans are your best friend
till you gossip then they will
screw you up fast. Just keep
your mouth shut. Always. They
hate that stuff bro!
If you move there and stay past
2 years or so it will own you.
It must release you for you to
go and move away. There is
something very sacred and
special about time you will
spend there. You have to live
there to understand.
Best wishes

Charlie | Beverly Hills, CA
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