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2021 Compare Cities Job Market:
Dallas, TX vs Austin, TX

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- Job Growth in Austin has been positive.
- Austin has 0.9% more unemployment than Dallas.
- Austin job growth has increased by 46.0% in the past 10 years.

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 Dallas, TXAustin, TXUnited States

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Reviews for Dallas    223 Reviews
The short and sweet - 11/24/2020
Like the old saying goes: for weather I'll take Dallas; for people I'll take... Read More

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Even after years away, I've no desire to return. - 9/21/2020
Left DFW almost a decade ago after living there for a similar length of time. Came back earlier this year (pre-COVID) for a couple days. We didn't rent a car and... Read More

Dallas, TX - time to leave for a bluer state. - 3/29/2020
I’m a gay man living in Dallas, Texas for the past 21 years, recently retired from education and working in sales for 25% of the salary I made in education. It’s... Read More

Reviews for Austin    441 Reviews
Awfully suspicious - 1/26/2021
This thread is very fishy. It’s either California libs fleeing their state and trying to ruin another one. Or it’s Texas natives trying to keep said California libs... Read More

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Could not pay me to live here - 12/29/2020
Grew up all over Austin now you could not pay me to live there. Where do I start?! Homelessnes is at epidemic proportions. The inept wannabe California city council... Read More

The longer I'm gone, the more I dislike Austin - 12/28/2020
I lived in Austin most of my life. In 40 years, I have watched Austin change from a really friendly, accepting, eccentric, inexpensive place to live into a youth... Read More

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